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Serena Williams Joins Gucci Chime for Gender Equality

Celebrating a Decade of Gender Equality with Gucci Chime

Honoring its decade-long commitment to gender equality, Gucci Chime collaborates with globally acclaimed tennis icon, Serena Williams, for its international campaign.

Serena Williams’ Vision for Women

Although acknowledging society’s progress in mitigating some gender disparities, the imminent mother of two and holder of 39 Grand Slam titles, emphasizes the need for respect to unlock more doors for women. “The changes I would like to see for girls and women in my lifetime is just respect. If we had a general more respect for women, lots more doors would be open,” Williams shares.

A Powerhouse of Influential Advocates for Gucci Chime

Joining Williams in the Gucci Chime campaign is a diverse array of actors, artists, and advocates, including Julia Garner, Halle Bailey, John Legend, Salma Hayek Pinault, Daisy Edgar-Jones, Chiara Ferragni, Annie Lennox, Jodie Turner-Smith, Julia Roberts, and Idris Elba. This powerful line-up cements Gucci Chime’s drive for a world where respect for women unlocks boundless opportunities.

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