"Sagaboi’s SS24 Backstage by Pip: An Ode to Cultural Migration in Style" "Sagaboi’s SS24 Backstage by Pip: An Ode to Cultural Migration in Style" Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

“Sagaboi’s SS24 Backstage by Pip: An Ode to Cultural Migration in Style”

‘Fresh Off The Boat: A Celebration of the Caribbean’s Cultural Blend Through Fashion

Renowned photographer Pip Dusadeevijai was entrusted with capturing the backstage moments of Sagaboi’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection show for Vanity Teen Digital. The unique, unseen glimpses of the collection and the atmosphere behind the curtains were documented through Dusadeevijai’s lens, further highlighting the collection’s essence and energy. The captured images offer a deeper insight into the creative process, the dedication, and the excitement behind the scenes of a high-fashion event such as this, proving once again that fashion is as much about the journey as it is about the final product.

Geoff Cooper, for Sagaboi’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection, brings forth an inspiration borne out of people’s migration and the reactions—both imagined and real—to cultures being introduced to new spaces. The collection, fittingly titled “Fresh Off The Boat,” takes an anchoring point in the Caribbean, the embodiment of cultural fusion, to create fashion that brims with energy. This vibrancy is reflected in the collection’s color palette, textures, prints, and manipulations that resonate with a theme of integration.

Cooper reframes the term “Fresh Off The Boat,” often used derogatively for newly arrived immigrants, in an empowering light. The SS24 collection of Sagaboi reinterprets “arrivals” as those who are freshly styled right off the boat. The designs encourage those stepping off to stride with confidence and pride, replacing a sense of fear with an optimistic proposition of value.

Sagaboi’s brand identity is closely tied to the steelpan culture and its energy. This collection features a steel pan vest that graced the runway in diverse colors, even sporting a flashy sequined version. The brand’s distinctive steel pan bomber, adapted for warmer climates, made its appearance as gilets featuring Sagaboi’s signature distressed steel pan quilting and raw island stitchwork. In essence, the SS24 collection is not just a celebration of the Caribbean’s cultural amalgamation, but also a testament to the fashion brand’s commitment to creativity, originality, and cultural respect.

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