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Ryan Asher by Tony Liam

Photographer Tony Liam @yoimtony presents this fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online with the handsome model Ryan Asher @ryanasherr represented by Shawn @shawnonthemove.

For this photoshoot, the photographer and model wanted to work in the spur of the moment and be inspired by the things around them. The photographer chose two locations to work at without seeing the location first hand. The model was instructed to bring clothing he felt comfortable in without being told what the set would look like. We wanted to show that photos can be truly amazing just bouncing ideas off of each other in the moment.

“We wanted to see if we could make an elegant photoshoot from places that we did not see before, with clothes that we did not bring specifically for the set,” says the photographer. “I believe the photoshoot went amazing, specifically with the fur piece that the model wore. Can you believe that was just a rug we found on set?”

The photos were shot with minimal equipment using only a Canon 1DX Mark II with natural light and a reflector, and these photos were shot in the backyard of a home in Los Angeles and inside of a studio in Beverly Hills. 

This editorial reflects the photographer’s style but also doesn’t. The photographer chooses to not have similarities with his photoshoots and each photoshoot is edited differently with different poses.

A photograph captures a moment that is gone forever, impossible to reproduce.

“We wanted to take our viewers through the growth of the model and transmit a sense of simple elegance.”

The model is wearing H&M and Nordstrom. The fur clothing is actually a floor rug. The model stated he felt confident during the photoshoot and the atmosphere he was put in helped him.

Model Ryan Asher @ryanasherr represented by Shawn @shawnonthemove photographed by Tony Liam @yoimtony, exclusively for Vanity Teen online!

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