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Rozy: Dominating the Digital Era

The following excerpt is from the Fall/Winter ’22 issue of Vanity Teen.

Interview by Jatniel Villarroel

Interview by Aedan Juvet @aedanjuvet

As we’ve known for quite some time now, the future is purely digital. From the dazzling Y2K evolution of pop culture and technology or even the more modern Gen-Z investment in virtual connectivity, an alluring amplification of the digital world is always upon us – giving us everything from the careless entertainment of viral TikTok challenges to crafting careers sparked by the unavoidable influence of social media, because every facet of our lives has the potential to be told through the scope of our virtual life whether we like it or not.

For the Korean influencer, singer, and entirely digital personality Rozy, the opportunity is equal parts passion, work ethic, and programming, all leading to a generation-merging existence that’s unlike anything the world has seen so far. In fact, just within the scope of the K-pop scene up to this point, we’ve already witnessed a fascinating dip into this limitless yet complexly layered territory through a marriage of real-life pop-star “idols” and digital inspirations such as the supergroup aespa – as well as a single computer-generated member addition to a very human boyband SUPERKIND.

However, Rozy @rozy.gram is officially the next big name to embrace the perks of the digital age as the first of her kind. Having guided our Instagram feeds around both the real and virtual world through her interests in music and fashion, Rozy is now trying to bring attention to an impactful lifestyle regardless of her cyber nature and perceived limitations. With multiple fashion week appearances, successfully curated pop ballads, and plenty more content to look forward to on the 3D horizons she’s privy to, Rozy recently spoke to us about her conception, objective, and everything you need to know about the ambitious Millenial and Gen-Z concoction. Because soon enough you will know Rozy.

First and foremost, for those who don’t know you, can you begin to explain the origin and idea behind Rozy?

Rozy: Hello, I’m Rozy, the first virtual influencer in Korea. I’m a virtual human being made to target the MZ generation [Millenials and Gen-Z]. I was made of elements that the MZ generation prefers, from personality down to my facial design. It wasn’t an easy process. It took more than six months to design a face that doesn’t exist anywhere in the world. It was born with such hard work and difficulty, but it’s an honor to be able to try to make my name known worldwide. It’s so nice to meet you, Vanity Teen readers!

As the first virtual influencer of Korea, you’re already quite a trailblazer! Upon creation, did you expect to be received so positively by people and collaborators, or were there concerns about people not understanding your premise?

Rozy: Since it was the birth of a virtual human who was not already in Korea, I was more worried than I was excited. I was nervous and revealed my identity cautiously in case the public felt unfamiliar or hostile. But despite my worries, many people were ultimately amazed and actually interested in me. I was happy to prove that my birth wasn’t a mistake.

You started with some fun and unique endorsement deals, which have continued to grow quite a bit too! What particular brands or items are most true to your passion and overall purpose? 

Rozy: I’m interested in eco-friendly brands these days. The MZ generation grew up feeling environmental pollution, so I think eco-friendliness is no longer an option but a necessity. That’s why I like and often use brands that oppose animal testing and practice eco-friendliness, such as LUSH, which uses vegan materials, and Casetify, which takes the lead in recycling and upcycling.

As a crucial piece of the digital era, what hopes do you have when it comes to the expansion of digital art and its potential impact?

Rozy: I think the expansion of digital art is a natural phenomenon. Digital tools make it easy for artists to create new ways of looking at digital works and art. I’m also a character created by the potential of digital art, so I’m looking forward to becoming a new leader in this particular field.

You’re officially an artist as well, having launched your debut single, “Who Am I” which is an impressive vocal-heavy pop ballad! How would you say that song represented Rozy the vocalist?Rozy: I always think about this. A good vocalist is not just someone with a good voice but must be a person who…

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FW’22 Cover. Rozy: Dominating the Digital Era

Photographer: Min Kyo Kim
Creative Director: A Young Cha
Art Director: Ki Eun Lee
Producer: Cheul Min Moon
Stylist: Ju Eun Lee
Print Director: Aedan Juvet @aedanjuvet
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