Rising Star Evanthia Dives Deep Into Her Unique Blend of Pop-Country Music Rising Star Evanthia Dives Deep Into Her Unique Blend of Pop-Country Music Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Rising Star Evanthia Dives Deep Into Her Unique Blend of Pop-Country Music

We sit down with the incredibly talented Evanthia, whose debut single, ‘The Deep End’, is making waves in the music scene. With her unique blend of pop and country, she delves into her musical inspirations, experiences working with industry heavyweights, and her exciting journey navigating the multiple facets of her burgeoning career. Get ready to dive deeper into Evanthia’s world.

Evanthia, your debut single “The Deep End” has captured the attention of many with its unique blend of pop and country. How would you describe your musical style and what inspired you to merge these two genres? 

I have always loved country music. I think all musical genres contain a portion of different elements that make them unique. Music is universal.  I just know that I want my listeners to be able to relate to my lyrics and connect to my songs. 

 I met Wyatt and Tyler through a mutual friend. We set up a write and right away we all vibed well. Both of them are just so insanely talented. I think for me it’s about connecting with the writers and learning with them along the way. I always go in with an open mind and I always end up learning something new. I’m so thankful for them.

The theme of your song is about hopelessly falling in love. What led you to explore this theme and how do you personally relate to it?

 I journal daily. Sometimes it’s about a personal experience I was going through and other times it might be something I watched. For me the song is meant for anyone that might be at that point in a relationship where they are vulnerable and ready to make that next step. Everyone has a vision or dream of what love is but is it enough?

Producer Tony Brown has praised your songwriting abilities. How has working with such recognized music industry professionals influenced your creative process?

Tony is such an amazing person. I met him at a writers workshop that I attended last year. He came up to me after I had performed for all of the attendees and we connected. He continues to be such a great mentor to me. I am so thankful for his guidance and mentorship. 

Your social media shows a large number of followers interested in your music, dance, and acting. How do you manage these different facets of your career and how do you believe they complement each other?

From the time I can remember, I have always loved music, dancing, and acting. I signed with my first acting agency when I was 5 years old. That’s when I started going on auditions, booking jobs, and starting dance classes. I feel that they all complement the other in some way. Many acting roles require someone that can sing. And as a singer, you have to know how to perform. And a dancer is the same. I feel it’s essential for someone to have training in all of them. For me it just makes sense, I love them all and think one is just as important as the other.

You have a live performance scheduled in Nashville, Tennessee on June 20th at Jessie James Decker’s Kittenish event. How are you preparing for this performance and what can attendees expect from your live show? 

Preparation for an event for me is like studying for a test. I prepare my vocals daily, work on my guitar daily and work with my performance coach several times a week to go through my setlist. I am so excited to perform at this event. The owner of the event Jessie James Decker is an amazing local country singer herself. I’m going to showcase my new release along with several upcoming songs and a mixture of some cover songs. 

In “The Deep End” you combine banjos, a steel string guitar, and driving acoustic guitars, creating a unique sound. Could you talk about how you select instruments for your songs and what led you to incorporate these particular sounds? 

I absolutely love live music. So when my producer Mark Siegal and I met over what instruments we wanted in the song, it was important for me to have musicians play live on my track. Guitars are my favorite instrument so they were a must. I let Mark work his magic on the track as he knew what my vision was for this song. And he nailed it :) 

You’ve secured a coveted spot with Paradigm, one of the top talent agencies in the industry. How do you feel about this and what does this mean for your music career? 

I have been with Paradigm for about two years. What I love is that even though they are my acting agency, they also seek auditions for me with music roles as well. I am truly blessed to have them.

Finally, what can we expect from you in the future? Are there any upcoming releases or projects you can share with your fans?

I am so excited about the future. I am back in the studio this week working on my next song that I will be releasing. So many good things are coming soon! Stay tuned! <3

Thank you so very much for talking with me. It means the world to me! Please don’t forget to follow me on all of my socials @evanthia_theodorou and also my text line @ 615-747-2346  XO, Evanthia

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