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Rendezvous by Levin Lee

Photographer Levin Lee @levinlee_ presents Rendezvous, a fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online with the models Louis Jerrisen @louisjerixen represented by Fifteen Minutes Agency and Marie-Elén Wehder @marieelenw represented by Brüderchen & Schwesterchen @bruederchenundschwesterchen and an amazing team.

In the course of the self-imposed “political correctness”, which increasingly permeates all areas of life, social awareness of non-binary gender identity was created for the first time – the conservative, strictly divided gender system has been experiencing a revolution since the new decade at the latest and is forcing society to critically question role models of classic gender identities. Gender-fluid thereby reflects an important part of the non-binary gender: the possibility to have none, one, or more gender identities simultaneously at any time and in any situation without having to justify oneself to society. The gradual discovery and acceptance of one’s own gender identity form the idea of this editorial, which illustrates a part of the possible and diverse identities embodied as a flowing transformation.

“We had planned to show the discovery of one’s own gender. Our vision was to photograph a smooth transition from male or female to the opposite gender. We wanted to show this metaphorically, especially through the clothes. The marriage at the end of the story is supposed to stand for the acceptance of one’s own gender.”

The equipment used was a camera Sony Alpha 7R3 with a Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 lens, and the shooting took place in Hyatt Regency Cologne, Germany.

Models Louis Jerrisen @louisjerixen represented by Fifteen Minutes Agency and Marie-Elén Wehder @marieelenw represented by Brüderchen & Schwesterchen @bruederchenundschwesterchen, photographed by Levin Lee @levinlee_, art direction and styling by Jacqueline Denise Damm @jacques_denise, tattooist Valentino Riccardo Tessaris @derletztesoldat, makeup artist Maria Schenker @marylipstik, hair stylist Serife Güney @serifemaria, photography assistant Victoria Li @vl.photography__, styling assistant Harun Taskale @hopeinsuffering, text editor Nico Schönberger, location Hyatt Regency Cologne @hyattregencycologne, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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