During the first day of New York Fashion Week Men’s Private Policy showcased its Spring/Summer 2018 collection entitled ”Trinkets”. Aware of the turbulent political climate in North America and the questioning of the American Dream, the brand intended to be a gatherer through its collection by displaying small items and pieces of the ordinary American life: 

”The designers named the collection “Trinkets,” because the small things can indeed reflect the big picture..”

An odyssey of the American Dream could be seen across the collection with Native American elements in vests and jackets; reinvented denim jackets and pants with silk wool fabrication reminiscent of Western influences with touches of rhinestones that mirrored Hollywood’s glam.  Private Policy’s abstract touch concluded the collection with pieces evocative of American convenience stores “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You” plastic bags.

The collection inspiration was attuned with a capsule collection of wallet chains and hangtags designed in collaboration with 11 NYC creatives that displayed phrases of whimsy, politicalism, pride and fun representing the collaborators vision of America and their everyday life. Each chain was personalized with “trinket” charms as a way of channeling the collaborators vision and giving them a medium to express their views and wants for America.