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Prendre La Pose by Dmitri Talianski

Tel Aviv-based photographer Dmitri Talianski @dmitritali presents this fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online with the new face model Slav @materslod represented by Brick Agency and the artist Carien Yatsiv.

“I saw Slav in the streets of Jaffa, one time I decided to approach him and offer him the possibility of doing some photoshoots together. Slav accepted my offer, and after four long months we finally succeeded in making it. I believe that Slav has everything he needs to make it in fashion and he has a beautiful and humble personality. That’s why I decided to aim high and to be exact about this editorial,” says the photographer. “And no one can do it better than Carien Yatsiv, who owns the conceptual brand FUCCI MIDDLE EAST @fucci_middle_east, an on going platform for creativity.”

The accessories that they picked for this editorial were from some friends and from Gabriela Kramer, who owns a collection of secondhand treasures named oeuvres @oeuvres____. And the perfect haircut by Nataly Bar-or “Slav is a traveler in the world so that’s where came the idea to drive on the 44 road to Jerusalem, that has very diverse landscapes, and to stop spontaneously in spots until the sunset and put one of the outfits that we got in the suitcase, and in every one of the looks he got some traveling stuff.”

“For years the many cultures of the Middle East have reliably served as an inspiration for western art and fashion. Nowadays In the Middle East there is a strong feeling of trying to be more western, forgetting our authenticity. FUCCI changes the signs to its own benefit, FUCCI has no roles and it reflects, contradicts and accepts its own contradiction.”

“All objects and Images are singular and made by the artist and in collaboration with other artists, each time for a different project or moment. In this case a collaboration with the photographer Dmitri Talianski and model Slav. There is no Profit, value or sponsorship. It is simply ART.”

Model Slav @materslod represented by Brick Agency photographed by Dmitri Talianski @dmitritali hair by Nataly Bar-or artist Carein Yatsiv @fucci_middle_east, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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