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Paris Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2021 – Day 4

The fourth and final day of Paris Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2021 season kicks off with new Aganovich‘ s collection, La Rose Envie. A disruptive proposal that is far from those presented over the last few days, which shows a very characteristic personality (already demonstrated in the latest proposals presented by the brand). Hidden faces, voluminous enveloping dresses dyed in pink, theatrical inspiration, and a glaring contrast between surrealism and the dreary passage through which models walkthrough. A revolutionary way of understanding Couture that claims freedom at its best.

Yuima Nakazato takes us into a totally different universe, where technology goes hand in hand with nature. Experimentation and innovation in the materials that make his new collection, Atlas, a real statement of intents. Model Lauren Wasser, who lost both legs to toxic shock syndrome, becomes the muse of the Maison, and talks about what are her sources of inspiration, and reflects on technology-fashion synergy, materialized in the garments that make up the collection. A vision of the future that bets on craftsmanship and the importance of the message.

Aurores Vagabondes is the new Christophe Josse’s collection. An ode to finesse, elegance, and sophistication, in which the elements are reduced to the minimum expression to demonstrate the strength of the fashion essence. Good energy to face a hopeful future after the difficult times that we have lived (and we continue to suffer).

Aelis Couture presents a somewhat unusual proposal. Spasmodic movements contrast with the exquisite details of the elegant dresses, in a short fashion film in which painting makes an appearance in the form of contemporary works of art. Experimentation of photography that shows the desire to break new ground through fashion, with a mysterious soundtrack.

The collection unveiled by Indian brand Rahul Mishra, The Dawn, is what we hope to see at a digital Haute Couture Fashion Week. A reflection on the relationship between human beings and nature, which he refers to as “absolutely perfect as well as imperfect” that could be premiered perfectly in cinemas. A visual piece cared for to the last detail, whose garments are inspired by the natural ecosystem, flora and exotic mushrooms of different colours. An outstanding collection that perfectly represents our desire to explore the world, with energy and determination.

Tseundé is Imane Ayissi’s new proposal, in which fashion and music come together to join forces. Singer, bassist, and percussion player Manou Gallo accompanies model Nola Marie while showing the different looks, dancing dressed in elegant party dresses and shiny suits in a video in which the minimalism patent on a white background and a reduction of characters to the maximum coexists with the rhythm and enjoyment.

S.R STUDIO. THE. CA is in charge of putting the finishing touch to the Paris Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2021 season, and it does so by making fashion levitate. Specifically, making models fly through visual effects in which they walk in different directions, lie on the ground (without touching it), and alternate images. The fashion film could be part of a video game, and models could embody the different characters of a science-fiction film. One more example that fashion can be many things, as we have seen over the last few days, but it must have an imperative quality: personality.
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