Paris Fashion Week - Day 5: Loewe, Hermès, Andrea Crews Paris Fashion Week - Day 5: Loewe, Hermès, Andrea Crews Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Paris Fashion Week – Day 5: Loewe, Hermès, Andrea Crews

Paris Fashion Week fith day includes collections that celebrate freedom, whether through a yearning for a return to nightlife, openness to natural environments, or a revolution in consumerism that helps pursue more responsible and sustainable garment use and shopping, Today’s highlights include Loewe’s electrifying, neon-colored collection, Hermés’ avant-garde sophistication, and Andrea Crews’ upcycle-yourself collection.


A Message Of Electrifying Escape And Hopeful Optimism

Creative director Jonathan Anderson introduce LOEWE (I.G. @loewe) Spring-Summer 2022 collection inspired by the joy and freedom of nightlife and club culture. The collection is presented in a box that contains two books: one that features the SS22 collection looks captured under the lens of British photographer David Sims, and another book that features paintings, drawings, and rarely seen photographs by Florian Krewer, which also serve as inspiration for the collection.

The looks and color palette capture the entire atmosphere of the nightlife theme. Saturated neon colors transposed in the pieces in an abstract way, an explosion of the electrifying rhythm along with textures, transparency and views to some parts of the body through placed cutouts reveal the intimate character of the human touch.

You can sign up at in order to know when the collection will be available.

Hermès “Double-Jeu”

Light-hearted, relaxed, and free. The looks aspire to broad horizons, suffused with an outwardly relaxed, freer expression.


A time of confinement that is progressively bidding farewell invites the exploration of new natural surroundings that were once known, as well as the innovation and invention of our wardrobe. For Véronique Nichanian, the Hermès (I.G. @hermes) Spring-Summer 2022 collection invites us to explore these new forms through a series of pieces that showcase the vitality of a new sophistication through a duality of prints, stitches, textures, harmonious contrasts, and avant-garde details that adapt the Maison’s iconic style of sophistication to today’s luxury consumer.

Andrea Crews “Rebellious Radical”

When we talk about fashion, the problem of consumerism, fast fashion and its effect on the environment is something that has been discussed. The current context affected by the pandemic has marked a pause for us to question even more the way we consume clothes. Andrea Crews (I.G. @andrea_crews) makes clear in her Spring-Summer 2022 collection called “Rebellious Radical” the “fashion revolution” of a young generation committed to making and wearing fashion differently, from a direction opposite to society’s consumerism and overproduction.

“18th birthday, 18 uniques activist jeans, 18 upcycled tops. Rebellious radical represents the global commitment of the generation who turns 18th in 2021.”

Andrea Crews

Presented through a two-minute fashion film entitled “Rebellious Radical”, the collection showcases pieces made entirely from recyclable material, as well as jeans creatively customized with their team to convey their message of more responsible consumerism. As additional touches, which we think are amazing, the phrase “upcycle yourself” is seen throughout the pieces.

Andrea Crews latest collection is now available at

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