Paris Fashion Week 24 Sees VETEMENTS Making a Triumphant Return Paris Fashion Week 24 Sees VETEMENTS Making a Triumphant Return Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Paris Fashion Week 24 Sees VETEMENTS Making a Triumphant Return

Let’s delve into the buzz that enveloped Paris during Fashion Week, an event that demands our attention. VETEMENTS, under the creative helm of Guram Gvasalia, presented a fashion show that transcended the typical runway spectacle. This presentation was not merely another date on the fashion calendar but rather the pinnacle of fashion events for a multitude of reasons.

The Highlight of Paris Fashion Week

First and foremost, the show marked VETEMENTS‘ grand return to the runway following a brief pause. This year also celebrated a decade since the brand’s inception, coupled with the high expectations that have become synonymous with their every endeavor. The allure of the event was so magnetic that notables such as Cher herself were seen front row at the Pavillon Cambon, eager to witness Guram’s latest creations. Alongside her, notable figures like Alexander Edwards, Marcia Cross, Carmen Kass, and Anwar Hadid graced the event, showcasing the exclusive model lineup summoned by Gvasalia.

Gvasalia’s penchant for mingling with the distinguished and stylishly attired—dressed in VETEMENTS‘ distinctive aesthetic—is evident. Despite a decade of operation, the brand’s appeal remains enigmatic to some; however, its impact on the fashion landscape is undeniable, setting a new precedent from its inception.

The Fall/Winter 2024 collection, unveiled on a dazzling red carpet runway, reaffirms Guram’s unyielding creative spirit. Notably, the collection features oversized garments with a modern twist, showcasing a crinkled effect across a variety of sporty and urban attire, including T-shirts, shirts, and trousers, as well as in sophisticated tailoring.

Tailoring, a domain of special interest to Guram, is explored with exceptional skill, emphasizing oversized suits with bold shoulder pads and lapels, signifying power, all in rich fabrics. This season’s coats complement these suits, achieving a monochromatic and timeless aesthetic.

The essence of VETEMENTS lies in its timeless irony, with the team’s lighthearted spirit shining through in T-shirt slogans such as “Team Aniston”, “Team Jolie”, and humorous takes on logos and upcycling. This irreverent approach underscores the brand’s limitless creativity and its knack for breaking conventions, as seen in military-inspired pieces that include total camouflage looks and oversized bomber jackets.

In essence, VETEMENTS continues to redefine the boundaries of fashion, much like the adventurous spirit of military aviators, blending toughness with a penchant for rule-breaking and enjoyment.

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