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Ozzy: the teenage model who is taking over the world Ozzy: the teenage model who is taking over the world Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


Ozzy: the teenage model who is taking over the world

Ozzy by Lol Johnson

Oscar Sam, worldwide known as Ozzy Model, or simply Ozzy is the fresh face of modeling everyone is talking about. His charming charisma and blue eyes that remind us of the surface of the sea have captivated us all as he, as a model, is taking over the world.

In this exclusive for Vanity Teen, we talked about his life, being a young male model, his passions, and more. He was excited about this interview and answered every question with a kind heart and total openness. So, let us get to know Ozzy as a friend in the following Q&A with this young sensation.

Ozzy by Lol Johnson

The teenage model who is taking over the world

VT: What can you tell us about how you got into modeling?

Ozzy: Starting modeling was a happy accident, as I was scouted. At first, because I was 11, the idea sounded a bit scary… but my first job was amazing.

I modeled Ronaldo’s CR7 Nike kit and had to header a football, and that was me sold!

I was probably a bit shy before modeling. Now, I don’t care what people think. It’s been the best boost of confidence. So much that I’m moving towards acting. I’ve had some recent acting work for television that has definitely given me the acting bug!

VT: Which things do you like the most about your career?

Ozzy: I absolutely love traveling, and modeling has been amazing for facilitating that.

I’m so thankful I’ve got to travel around Europe and New York working as a model. I love immersing myself in new cultures, meeting people I’d otherwise never meet.

I’ve been lucky enough to do all this, and I’m still only 16. I’ve also got really into fashion since lockdown; it’s really funny. I’ve been modeling clothes for the last 4 or 5 years and have only just started looking at what I’m wearing!

VT: Being a model at a very young age must have its highs and lows. Therefore, who has been there guiding you? How has been the support of your family over these years?

Ozzy: My family keeps me very grounded, and they are a cushion when things go wrong.

One thing people don’t realize is: the rejection models and actors have to deal with. People see the success when you’re on a billboard or something but don’t realize that for every job you do get, there might be two you don’t.

They’ve given me a good work ethic because I often have to get up at 5 am for jobs, and you can never be late. You have a whole crew waiting on you. My Mum always said if I’m lucky enough to be picked, the very least I can do is be on time. I think that’s true.

I’ve got parents that have really supported my work, and I think that has really helped.

Ozzy by Editorial Kids Style

Zoolander is my nickname at home

VT: How do you balance your formal education and your modeling career?

Ozzy: I think I can answer that now as I just had my exams results back.

I got two A*s, four A’s, two B’s, and a C in Spanish; despite my love of travel, I’m hopeless at languages!

I basically took my school work with me and did it on trains or in-between shots if I was away for a few days.

I don’t know why everyone thinks models can’t be smart… although, I do have Derek Zoolander moments too, and Zoolander is my nickname at home!

VT: Could you share with us any memories from a fashion campaign you always remember?

Ozzy: So many favorite shootings for different reasons. I loved shooting my HB Editorial in New York because, wow, I was in New York. I want to live there. I need to get a Netflix series shooting there, so I can stay a while!

I loved working for Takko in Munich because I got to fly to Munich every 2 weeks, and Germany is so cool; I was not expecting that.  One day, my hotel sent a robot to my room for room service; it was crazy, I loved it. I kept ordering more and more snacks so it’d come back!

I’ve worked for so many amazing clients. Mostly I do sports or commercials, but I love it when the fashion gets all crazy with editorial. I’d love to do something totally different and out there for editorial. I don’t take myself too seriously; I love the fantasy of editorial.

VT: Football is another of your passions; thus, how would you describe this aspect of your life? Who are your favorite teams and players?

Ozzy: Football is an amazing way of staying fit and socializing too. It teaches so many life lessons teamwork, determination, and sportsmanship.

My favorite teams are Arsenal and Colorado Rapids. I have the option of doing a football scholarship in the States for my degree, so who knows where that might take me… I seem to be planning so many options for coming to America!

My favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo… obviously.

Ozzy: photo black and white
Ozzy by Emma Wright

I tell myself to be grateful

VT: Which plans do you have for the future?

Ozzy: I have many potential routes for the future. One thing I want to explore more is politics. I think politics is really exciting at the moment… ordinary people suddenly having a voice.

There’s a lot more to be done to improve equality across the board. We are one, regardless of color, gender, ability, and that has to be recognized; and if enough people shout about it, we will create change. Social media has the power to create change.

And obviously, I’d love to act. I’m really hoping I can move my career in that direction. I love shedding my skin and taking on another persona; it’s so liberating stepping outside of yourself and manifesting the words on a script into a person. I love it.

VT: Which simple things cheer you up and why?

Ozzy: A simple thing that cheers me up is music. I use music to raise my mood and to chill me out. I think people don’t realize how powerful it is. I’ve bought a mixing unit, and I’m teaching myself how to produce music too.

One quote that I resonate with is ‘Where words fail, music speaks.’ That’s from my favorite music artist, Kanye West.

VT: All these life-changing challenges we have been facing since last year have affected many young people. That being said, which words would you like to share with those who could be nostalgic for the life they used to have or might be feeling a little down these days?

Ozzy: This is a tricky one because everyone’s view on this is different.

I’ve hated the COVID thing because it stopped me from working abroad. I had amazing jobs lined up in Milan and Munich, but then Boris Johnson came on TV and told us all to stay at home. It’s been rubbish travel-wise. But then, I know someone whose Dad had serious long COVID, and that’s changed everything for him. So, I tell myself to be grateful. I‘ve only lost dreams, not people.

I actually think practicing gratitude has saved me from sinking in so many situations. Just that act of being thankful changes how you see things; it’s so subtle but so powerful. That & music, I’d prescribe trying both.

VT: Anything else you would like to share with Vanity Teen?

Ozzy: I have a secret weakness for cinnamon bagels; I can smell them from a mile away. I can’t resist.

Before we go

What a lovely message Ozzy has given us, so I hope we can share his values, find affection and support in our families, and always be grateful.

He is nothing but enthusiasm and youth harmony. We love the joy he radiates and the kind heart he has to think about others. At a young age, he is taking over the world with his many talents; and we cannot wait to see his upcoming projects and watch him making his dreams come true. Stay tuned!

Let us love all, give thanks, and stay safe.

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