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Continuing our coverage of New York Men’s Day, courtesy of photographer Walter Worch (@thescandalouswolfgang) we now highlight the designers of the afternoon edition:

Nicholas Raefski: “The Stars Don’t Look Bigger, But They Do Look Brighter”

Nicholas Raefski (@nicholasraefski) “The Stars Don’t Look Bigger, But They Do Look Brighter” collection has proven the great talent and one-to-watch designer that the autodidact Raefski has proven to be. With only four collections, the designer has shown in this latest installment the redefinition of contemporary American fashion.


Presenting for the first time at NYFW, Todd Patrick (@toddpatrick.us) by Desyree Nicole is a menswear brand whose aesthetic focuses on the modern vision of future trends interwoven with enduring traditions, translated into her pieces through relaxed silhouettes fused with unique combinations of textures.


Undoubtedly NY is a cradle synonym of culture, diversity, and style. One of the most distinctive elements of comfort that can be found in the Big Apple is “Fried Rice”. With a peculiar name, but one that is certainly appealing and reflective of the brand’s vision, Fried Rice (@friedrice_nyc) is a genderless brand founded by self-taught designer Maya Wang. Inspired by the brand’s Lower East Side surroundings, the brand is distinguished by its 100% unisex outlook, flamboyant creativity, inventive styling details and outstanding fabric range.

The designer likened the confluence of diverse textures and identities to the ingredients that make up fried rice. Since then, the brand represents an ethos and community that celebrates and supports such diversity of creative and cultural perspectives in neighborhoods and urban life around the world.
The brand was a finalist for the Fashion Group International Rising Star Award in the genderless category in 2021.

HOLO MARKET: “What a wonderful day!”

Designed by hand-printing artisan Yoshida Riki, Holo Market (@holomarketkyoto), the artisan has 15 years of experience developing fabrics for major national and international brands. The brand is characterized by abnormally patterned luxury uniforms inspired by travel and art with functionality.
One would probably think that the style of the designs is similar to the unisex 9M brand, and that’s because it is. After its participation in Paris Fashion Week and Rakuten, starting this spring/summer 23 season, the brand was renamed HOLO MARKET.

In 2022, Riki established her own brand HOLO MARKET.

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