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Nicolas Ghesquière Unveils Louis Vuitton Resort 2024 Show on Isola Bella Nicolas Ghesquière Unveils Louis Vuitton Resort 2024 Show on Isola Bella Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


Nicolas Ghesquière Unveils Louis Vuitton Resort 2024 Show on Isola Bella

Underwater Fantasies Fuel Inspiration for Ghesquière’s High-Fashion Mermaid-Inspired Collection

Louis Vuitton Makes a Splash in Italy with Resort 2024 Show

In a historic first, Nicolas Ghesquière staged his Louis Vuitton Resort 2024 show on the private island of Isola Bella, a jewel in Lake Maggiore once owned by the esteemed Borromeo family for half a millennium. Celebrities from Oprah Winfrey to Madonna were spotted among the attendees, adding further glamour to this momentous event in the world of high fashion.

A Deep Dive into Underwater Mythology and Fantasies

Ghesquière drew inspiration from mythical underwater narratives to create an ethereal take on the emerging “mermaidcore” aesthetic. “We started with the idea that the girls were coming from the water, like mermaids of the lake, and they’re transforming into something else,” he shared with the press. The collection played with elements of youthful imagination and fairy tales, incorporating design motifs suggestive of scuba gear, water droplets, and fin-like collars.

Merging Sea and Land in a Unique Fashion Spectacle

The aquatic theme was prevalent throughout the collection, with diving jackets reimagined for everyday wear featuring intricate prints reminiscent of Hokusai’s famous Great Wave off Kanagawa. This collection celebrated a medley of textures, pairing mixed tank suits and robes with sequin skirts that mirrored mermaid scales, and naval jackets. “By the end, the mermaid becomes a flower, but maybe not a flower that exists,” Ghesquière told Vogue. The transformational journey of a mermaid finding her legs and blooming into a delicate creature culminated in a series of frilled gowns that concluded the show.

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