Milos Nasio and Aidan Shamray are two artists who met and combined artistic mediums in order to convey their present and their aesthetic in a single piece of work. Aidan is an artist from Canada. He writes, mixes, and produces all of his music in order to create an experience that is truly personal. He believes in the power of audio and visuals, and attempts to convey emotions through these mediums.

Milos is a photographer and film maker from Argentina. Observing and transmitting realities are his objectives. This piece of work began and ended in a matter of days, and was driven by feeling rather than calculation. Nostalgia, the hours of thinking, and above all else, the reality of the present culminate to produce something beautiful. The two found in each other the understanding of what it is to create, which is to enjoy their art and use it to create a moment that will last forever. This work is theirs, but this passion is for all.


To see more from Aidan: YouTube Channel  || To see more from Milos: Website, Tumblr