Dolce & Gabbana has been growing in revenue, controversy, fame and loyalty since 1985, when Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana started what has become a key power-player in Italian fashion. Back in 2013, Bloomberg revealed that the Italian luxury house valued at $5.3 billion. However, in the words of Biggie Smalls: “Mo Money, Mo Problems,” in 2014 the Italian-duo were found innocent of a tax evasion case that had Dolce and Gabbana appear at court for almost four years. Shy away from controversy, the twosome has had campaigns banned, celebrities mad, but they have always been on brand.

Everything Dolce & Gabbana owes is to Italy; deeply rooted in their home country, at their Milan show the duo showcased the importance of reaching out in 112 looks. Keeping the loyalty of their clienteles and to breed the next generation of Dolce & Gabbana customers by inviting Vine stars such as Cameron Dallas (whom also appears in their latest ad-campaigns) or models on the rise such as Presley Gerber or social media influencers like Luke Sabbat and second generation celebrities continuing the legacy of their parents: Rafferty Law, Sofia Richie and Sistine Stallone.

Their most regal season to date; emblems of cats and lions dominating the runway with traces of Marco Polo and his Silk Road journeys; silk pyjama sets, robes and blazers in powder spice colours of amber and brown. Changshan-like overcoats. Oversized Puffer jackets and patchwork coats. Soft knitted religious symbolism. Baby Puss from The Flintstones was woven into gloves, jackets and hats. Whilst lions appeared on the back of blazers, patched onto military jackets and printed on shirts.

In a typical Dolce & Gabbana finale — the past, present and future was celebrated with Austin Mahone performing — welcome the #DGmillennials