Discovered by Hong Kong movie director Scud, Taiwanese new face Bank Chuang soon launched a campaign for Yohji Yamamot’s “Ground Y”, which casting was by fashion photographer Leslie Kee in 2017. He went to France to shoot the August issue of VOGUE Taiwan. Last but not least, Chinese fashion magazine VISION.

Bank Chuang is actually a salesman at a department store, but with the mysterious charming look and inherent talent of modeling. Destiny has quietly weaved a unique star map for him.


Underwear: Emporio Armani
Vest: H&M | Underwear: Leslie Kee
Underwear: Calvin Klein

526: Please tell us a bit about working with the movie director and Yohji Yamamoto.

Bank: The only thing I worried about was if he was a fake director or a scam? Ha-ha!! Because he contacted me on Facebook. I don’t even remember when did we become friends. But it’s a rare opportunity to participate in the movie. How could I refuse? And the collaboration with Leslie Kee and Yohji Yamamoto was really unforgettable too! During that time I was helping Leslie Kee as an assistant, suddenly Yohji Yamamoto stopped by and talked to me: “You’re model!!” At the time, I was really shocked for a few minutes. It’s a dream come true!

526: When doing the photoshoot, I noticed that there’s a moon-shaped scar on your thigh. Every scar has its own story, what’s yours?

Bank: When I was little, I was crying and chasing my older sister who was riding on a bicycle to buy ice cream together, and my thigh hit the fender! I cried loudly with no surprise. When doing the suture surgery, I kept looking at the chocolate bar on the shirts pocket of my dad. It was an unforgettable memory.

Cap: Adidas | Vest & Underwear: H&M
Cap: Adidas | Vest: H&M
Yukata: MUJI | Underwear: Calvin Klein

526: Would you like to keep on modeling and acting or satisfied being a salesman?

Bank: I look forward to better development in the future definitely! But before that, I want to enrich myself so I can catch the opportunities when it comes.

Jacket: Beno | Underwear: Emporio Armani
Jacket: Beno
Shirt: Uniqlo
Shirt: Uniqlo
Shirt: Uniqlo
Shirt: Uniqlo | Underwear: Emporio Armani

With a whispering volume of speaking, I thought Bank’s shy, but when we started shooting, he suddenly switched into another character, the diversity, smooth movements and electricity in his eyes has truly made him a rising talent.


Analog photographer: 526 ( | I.G. @kowei526
Model: Bank Chuang (I.G.@bank_chuang
Styling: Bank Chuang & 526