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Naked Chains by Diego Ezía

Photographer Diego Ezía @diegoezia alongside Maruxa de Rivas @maruxaderivas, creative director, art director, and stylist, presents this fashion editorial named Naked Chains exclusively created for Vanity Teen online with the models Ricardo Dominguez @riccdominguez represented by River Agency @agenciariver_ and Sergei Petrenko @the_grey_v.

Naked Chains is a personal project, born in a very introspective moment of Maruxa de Rivas’ life, in which she immerses in her feelings and asks herself the following questions: do we know everything we have inside us? Are we aware of our own reality? Where do we keep our fears? Do we allow ourselves to be and to stay? It is then that she decides to express her fears, responsibilities, and frustrations through the project. Through styling and art direction, these three conceptual cores will be treated to close with a final scene that represents the inner fight and the appropriation of these emotions and feelings. With the help of Sergei and Ricardo, we want to look at our fears, our insecurities, our pain, our shame, and our self-love and invite you to a journey full of vulnerabilities.

“Unexplained anguish, deep pain of the soul, a memory doesn’t die, a wish doesn’t end.”

Rosalía de Castro

The shooting was done in Freakstudio, a multifunctional space where Maruxa has studied Fashion Styling, and where she began her first contact with this project.

The team atmosphere was really nice, the models understood each other very well when they were working. Ricardo’s experience and his character helped Sergei to feel more comfortable in the acting because it was the first time he worked as a model.

The brands of the models’ clothes are wearing include Georgiela Studio, Paola Molet, Pacheco, Elefargan, Antonio María, Paola Molet, Najjart Harb, Julia Escribà, Ángel Marco, Álvaro Calafat.

For the shoot, the team exclusively used analog cameras, a Nikon F100 and a Nikon F80, as well as two types of color film: portra 400 and ultramax 400.

Models Ricardo Dominguez @riccdominguez represented by River Agency @agenciariver_ and Sergei Petrenko @the_grey_v, photography and editing by Diego Ezía @diegoezia, creative direction, art direction, and styling by Maruxa de Rivas @maruxaderivas makeup by Júlia García @yua_mua, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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