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Miu Miu Holiday Campaign 2022: Private Wishes

The Italian high fashion brand Miu Miu explores unique identities through opposing concepts within its “Private Wishes” holiday campaign. The collection consists of bags in opposing colours (black and white) and sizes, alongside small sparkly cropped tops, cady dresses, accessories, and the iconic Miu Wonder bag. The brand’s collection spotlights the stance that fashion is not only uniform but also enriching, drawing on various aesthetics.

miu miu

Feminine and masculine, oversize and miniaturized, outside and inside: the Holiday 22 Collection conveys a charming proportions play, combining apparently contradictory elements. A conversation between clothing reduced to its beautiful essence and detail richness and the functionality merged with aesthetics are conceived to stimulate imagination and to appeal to personal fantasies, all of them different, individual, gently provocative.

-Miu Miu

The campaign’s protagonists were models Esther McGregor and Mona Tougaard and actor You Mi Lee (photographed by Tyrone Lebon), all adorned in ensembles from the collection curated by creative director Lina Kutsovskaya.

Shop the collection on the website linked here!

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