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Milan Fashion Week FW21 – Day 7

Milan Fashion Week is coming to an end, and on the last day, we come across some of the brands that have best adapt themselves to atypical editions and digital calls in recent times. Look at Valentino, who has not stopped surprising us in the last few months in the broadcasts of its spectacular live shows on Instagram, taking us to baroque palaces and dreamlike universes that have given us back the illusion that we had lost. Ports1961 is the first fashion house to unveil its proposal, making us travel in time to a face-to-face show, but without an audience on this occasion. A frenetic and metallic soundtrack that takes us to an industrial environment where fashion acquires endless textures and fabrics protect us from external threats. Betting on quality and technique, we cannot take our eyes off their spectacular bags. A proposal measured to the millimeter and perfectly executed.

It’s the turn of MSGM and its new Women’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection, Manifesto. An ode to the city of Milan, where according to the statement issued from the House, all genres converge and at the same time none of them. A city that changes without changing. In short, a place inspired by the past and the present, that looks to the future, always setting trends. And the fashion film directed by Francesco Coppola, shot at Teatro Manzoni to the rhythm of the song created by Club Doamni, is a great production. The models walk on the snow, overcoming the cold of a city as rough as friendly, where all kinds of people, attitudes and aesthetics coexist. And this is one of the most colourful collections we have seen in recent days. There is room for blues, pinks, greens, blues, and reds, and garments ranging from jeans to sweatshirts, two-piece suits and dresses. And a selection of coats that promise to become pieces of desire for the army of influencers and prescribers.

Also paying tribute to the city of Milan, Valentino takes us to the Piccolo Teatro, a symbol of progressive culture, to present its Valentino Act Collection. Cosima sings live in an empty auditorium, where fashion prevails over acting, cinema and theatre shows, although it maintains a close relationship with all these disciplines, as we see in the concept and the leitmotif of the collection. It seems that theatres could become the new reference places to hold fashion shows (we have already seen them in previous presentations). And it would not be surprising considering that more and more brands prefer intimate celebrations, revitalizing the fashion sense of bygone times when interpretation centres were already epicentres where style and trends were dictated. Valentino bets on a minimalist event that culminates in an army at the command of Pierpaolo Piccioli, who once again shows that the Maison is in one of its best moments.

And we couldn’t say goodbye to Milan Fashion Week without commenting on the Dolce&Gabbana presentation, one of the Italian fashion ambassadors for decades that has seen its big date with fashion evolve into a digital format. A celebration of the synergy between technology and craftsmanship in collaboration with Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia, which claims handmade pieces and recovers the DNA of the 1990s by placing its trust in futurism, artificial intelligence and personality, on a festive runway. There are many people who think that once the pandemic is over, we will want to dress extravagantly with looks that do not go unnoticed. And if this hypothesis is fulfilled, Dolce&Gabbana will be one of the great brands of the post-pandemic era, without a doubt.

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