Milan Fashion Week Day 3: Prada, Etro, MSGM Milan Fashion Week Day 3: Prada, Etro, MSGM Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Milan Fashion Week Day 3: Prada, Etro, MSGM

Milan Fashion Week (I.G. @cameramoda). For the third day of fashion week in Milan, one might consider that one of the common elements of some of the collections presented was the desire for the enjoyment of the freedom that nature brings. As simplistic as it may sound, it is in such simplicity that may lie the simple desire that many may long for: freedom, joy, beauty in simplicity. For day three, highlights include Prada, Etro, and MSGM.



Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons presented a spectacular coaster of visuals for Prada (I.G. @prada) Spring-Summer 2022 collection. Presented in a video filmed at the Fondazione Prada’s Deposito and on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, the collection reflects a transition from urban to nature, from interiors to exteriors, as the brand described it “a space where nature and artifact interact”

Featuring models walking down a red corridor that ultimately led to the natural beach environment, pieces from the collection include biker jackets in black, yellow, and red; double-waisted pants complementing the tailoring with sleeves (rolled up); short shorts, and floral terry sweatshirts; and cracked leather bags and the presence of the black boot in the height of summer.

If you want to explore Prada’s Spring-Summer 2002 collection in greater detail, you can do so through its virtual tour, which allows you to go through and observe each of the 39 looks in greater detail by clicking HERE.

Milan Fashion Week Day 3: Prada, Etro, MSGM Milan Fashion Week Day 3: Prada, Etro, MSGM Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


The abandoned railway tracks of the former Scalo Farini were gradually revived by a colorful and vibrant nature of pieces accompanied by ‘The era of the white boar’ by the late Italian artist Franco Battiato. It is for Etro (I.G. @etro) Spring-Summer 2022 collection “a journey for the soul”, a tribute to the late Italian singer-songwriter as a celebration of the brand’s nomadic spirit.

“Travelling in a Joyful State of Grace: A metaphysical trip. Beyond time and space.”  #ETROSS22

A palette of energetic and vibrant colors, subtle transparencies and bold metallics, along with floral patterns reflect the reappropriation of nature, the embrace of the brand’s spirit of freedom.

MSGM Infinite Canon

Canon infinito – Infinite Canon – like a musical composition that unfolds in circular melodies.

The essence of the MSGM (I.G. @msgm) brand of reinterpreting the past through a modern language has never been questioned, and for Spring-Summer 22 designer Masimo Giorgeti reaffirms the essence of his brand by taking us this season on a journey back and forth to a hidden island free of space and time, full of intense experiences, amplified, wild nature, with hypnotic Senni rhythms that capture the (musical) essence of the collection entitled “Canone infinito”.

Surfing boys from 90s surf magazines, blue waves, and fiery, transient sunsets are the photographs of Stephen Milner’s Spiritual Good Time inspired aesthetic codes, being in the photographic series a recontextualization of editorial surfing, a similar purpose is reflected in the collection: a palette composed of intense orange and apricot, black and ink blue, yellow, green and touches of neon reference the saturated hues of the photographer’s shots, twisted by soft shades of oyster white, sand, and wisteria.

References to an imaginary underwater world are seen in the pieces of the collection. Handmade washes and watercolor prints that give the impression of having been dyed by the sun. Sharks, crabs, and punk shells studded with piercings, mermaids with stenciled effect, large fish in bright colors that give the impression of an “unmade” effect, details from the nautical world in oversize sweatshirts, sailor pants, cotton canvas jackets, old uniforms transported to the future.

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