Melodies from the 1000 Islands: Elijah Woods' Musical Journey Melodies from the 1000 Islands: Elijah Woods' Musical Journey Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Melodies from the 1000 Islands: Elijah Woods’ Musical Journey

Elijah Woods, a name synonymous with innovation in pop music, is a multi-platinum, multi-faceted artist who’s redefining the genre. As a singer-songwriter, producer, and recording engineer, Woods has a reputation for pushing boundaries with his catchy melodies, vivid lyrics, and a crisp production style that’s uniquely his.

Melodies from the 1000 Islands: Elijah Woods' Musical Journey Melodies from the 1000 Islands: Elijah Woods' Musical Journey Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

With an impressive collection of platinum and gold records, 4x JUNO Award nominations, and the SOCAN 2022 Pop Award, Woods is an artist who’s not just on the rise but soaring. His 2021 success story includes over 35 weeks in the top 5 on Billboard’s Canadian Emerging Artist Chart and an expanding international fanbase. As an independent artist, Woods has accumulated over 250 million streams, highlighting his global reach and diverse appeal.

His musical journey is marked by three EPs, with two released this year, ‘what if it was fun?’ and ‘bright orange everglow.’ His single “24/7, 365,” from ‘bright orange everglow,’ particularly stands out, amassing 2M+ weekly streams and charting in several Southeast Asian countries.

Recent Release:
On October 27, 2023, Elijah Woods, the Toronto-based sensation, introduced ‘bright orange everglow (sunset sessions),’ a live edition of his acclaimed EP. This release features a live rendition of the hit single “24/7, 365,” backed by a five-piece band, and captures the raw emotion and energy of Woods’ music. The single continues to resonate worldwide, with over 35 million cumulative streams and charting on Shazam in 14 countries.

The ‘sunset sessions’ were recorded at a remote cottage on an island in the St. Lawrence River, a location with personal significance to Woods. “The ‘bright orange everglow’ songs are deeply personal, reflecting specific moments in my relationship, many of which are tied to the 1000 Islands area,” Woods shares. “Recording the ‘sunset sessions’ in this meaningful place brings an authenticity to these live versions, showcasing the songs in their truest form.”

Melodies from the 1000 Islands: Elijah Woods' Musical Journey Melodies from the 1000 Islands: Elijah Woods' Musical Journey Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

    Interview Elijah Woods x Vanity Teen

    Your musical journey has evolved remarkably over the years, with a multi-platinum status and a unique sound that resonates across the globe. How would you describe your musical evolution from your first EP to your latest release, ‘bright orange everglow’?

    EW: I think the ‘bright orange everglow’ EP really captured this specific ‘end of summer’ feeling for me. I really focused on making the project sonically similar, and that gave me a lot of time to focus on the songwriting. The progression from my first EP is most noticeable in the melodic choices I would say.

    It’s fascinating how the 1000 Islands area played a crucial role in the creation of ‘bright orange everglow’. Could you delve deeper into how the geographical and emotional landscapes of this region intertwined to inspire your songwriting?

    EW: The 1000 Islands are recently super special to me. My fiance grew up there, and we’ve created a lot of very important memories there. The lyrics in “last girl” highlight the specific moment I knew that I would marry her, and that all took place on the river. The backdrop of orange sunsets and calm water gives me a sense of home.

    Recording the ‘sunset sessions’ live at a remote cottage sounds like a deeply personal and unique experience. How did this setting influence the vibe and the live renditions of your songs, especially the hit single “24/7, 365”?

    EW: I knew I wanted to make something on that island ever since I first visited it. It felt magical, and was the perfect setting for these songs on so many levels. Despite most of them being written about specific moments in the 1000 Islands, the weather at the end of August was a serendipitous catalyst to the emotion and vibe of the sessions. I brought a film crew and a wickedly talented live band to the island to re-record all of the EP live, and a highlight was doing this version of “24/7, 365.” It felt like it was always meant to be played there.

    Your music, especially the live versions, seems to create a deep connection with your global fanbase. How do you manage to maintain this bond, and how important is this connection in fueling your musical creativity?

    EW: I think the biggest piece I hold on to is being vulnerable. I can only ever be honest with my songwriting, and I guess I’m just grateful it resonates with people. It fuels me to watch people experience these songs and make them their own. A story I wrote about something so personal can be interpreted as something entirely different, which is one of the most incredible things about music.

    You’ve expressed a fondness for the Nashville sound in your ‘bright orange everglow’ project. How has this sound influenced your music, and are there any other musical styles or artists that have been pivotal in shaping your sound?

    EW: The intentional songwriting in Nashville is something I hold very close. I love the approach of “concept first” writing, and making everything fit a larger narrative. The musicality of it speaks to my upbringing. I grew up in a super small town, surrounded by country/folk music. I rejected most of it as a teen, only to discover its beauty later as an adult.

    As a dual Canadian/Australian citizen, how have the cultural nuances of these two countries impacted your musical narrative, if at all?

    EW: I think growing up with my dad being from the other side of the world gave me some sort of perspective on how two similar people can see the same thing so differently. My parents separated when I was very young, and both had very different ways of raising me. I think I got the best of both worlds in this situation. It taught me a lot about communication and how to always find a middle ground in resolution.

    With a successful Fall Tour in 2023 and many concerts worldwide, how do live performances feed into your creative process?

    EW: It’s something I overlooked for a very long time. Only recently I discovered how much life and energy it gives me seeing people sing these words back to me. I think the real-time experience of being in a song with the audience is something I can’t quantify. It makes me feel present and human.

    In your career, you’ve been recognized not only as a singer-songwriter but also as a producer and recording engineer. How do these roles intersect and influence each other in your artistic endeavors?

    EW: I think having a broader tool set helps me express my ideas more clearly when it comes to my project. I do think it’s kind of a double edged sword though. Because I can record myself and make it sound “commercially presentable”, sometimes it’s misleading to know if the song is actually good, or if the elements of the song are just well produced/recorded. Lately I try to just rely on feel rather than sonic perfection. The song needs to always win.

    With three EPs under your belt and a steady stream of new singles, what are your aspirations for the next phase of your musical journey? Are there any new collaborations you’re excited about?

    EW: I’m looking forward to an album. I genuinely want to make a project that feels like me for 12-14 songs straight. It’s a daunting task, but I’m very excited to piece it all together.

    With each new release, you’ve revealed more layers to your artistry. How do you see your sound evolving in the future, and are there any particular themes or genres you’re interested in exploring?

    EW: My only goal is to keep progressing. I love adding new colours to the palette, and I never know which one is next until it comes. I try not to give myself any boundaries of creative direction, as it changes so frequently. I love country style songwriting, but I also love tech-house and lofi, so who knows what’s next. All I can tell you is it will be the most honest and real version of me.

    Elijah Woods invites fans and music enthusiasts to experience ‘bright orange everglow (sunset sessions)’ on all streaming platforms. Connect with this groundbreaking artist and feel the pulse of modern pop music.

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