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Margo Przybysz by Tatiana Riofrio

Photographer Tatiana Riofrío shares an exclusive editorial featuring model Margo Przybysz @margo.przybysz at Generation Models @generation.models with styling by Verónica Sansón @verosansone. Suitable for this summer season, the story is about relaxed days in the city, portraying a casual style with different scenes of the city using romantic summer looks.

About the concept of the shoot, the photographer commented:

“My idea was to show the real and everyday moment, inspired by the season of hot summer days, capturing a young woman on the street one afternoon. I chose this location because I found different spaces where part of the city is shown but also resting at backgrounds, the objective was not a noisy city, the intention is to show relaxed days in the city. Despite the warmth that summer days transmit to us, I was looking for a neutral temperature, colors as real as possible, cleanliness in the backgrounds, and softness.”

Tatiana Riofrío , photographer.

Photography & retouch: Tatiana Riofrío
Model: Margo Przybysz @margo.przybysz @generation.models
Stylist: Verónica Sansón @verosansone
Photo assistant: Verónica Sansón @veronicaesanson
Muah and hair: Maria Sardinero @mariasardineromua
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