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Magliano SS22 Collection

Magliano @magliano.insta presents its Spring/Summer 2022 collection during Milan Fashion Week. Inspired by Hippocrates’ Humoral Theory, the collection focuses on these four humoral fluids: Melancholic, Sanguine, Phlegmatic, and Choleric. Upcycling also plays a very important role in this collection, with recycled fabrics from the past seasons, organic dyes, and stylistic pastiches.

Based on the four humoral fluids, the first one, Melancholic, is showcased through the workwear elements and the technical clothing with imaginary or celibate performances dedicated to nomadism. The second one, Sanguine, is the sexy guayabera of transparent cotton voile, enabling us to see the skin, as well as the underwear with a floral “M” and the gorgeous silk shirts. The Phlegmatic trend is seen in the classic-cut jackets, oversize sweatshirts, and trousers in typically Magliano tropical wool dyed with flowers. Choleric is the use of randomly matched prints on t-shirts, also seen in linen suits and jacquard wool dresses.

The collection is enriched by a daily gesture of typical Italian good luck charms: the classic broken heart, the chains dedicated to Saint Sebastian, the lucky baby tooth.

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