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Lunay: El Niño x Vanity Teen

Lunay is the young Puerto Rican singer who conquered the world with his honest smile, family values, and his music that knows no language barriers or cultural boundaries, just pure energy and the sense of celebrating youth.

He has made the world dance with songs, like Soltera and A Solas, in which he collaborated with some of the biggest names in urban music like Daddy Yankee, Bad Bunny, Anuel AA, Ozuna, and more; but this time, he has joined forces with La Familia producers Chris Jedi and Gaby Music to bring us El Niño, his newest album; a project in which he includes the hit Le gusta que la vean, and now you can stream it, watch the music videos and purchase it everywhere.

Lunay wanted to share this moment with the readers of Vanity Teen, so here you have this exclusive interview with the artist.

Lunay | Exclusive Interview

VT: At all times, you have shown how important your family and Puerto Rico have been for your life and career. What do they mean to you have them always in mind?

Lunay: Definitely, my family is what helps me to keep my feet on the ground. And Puerto Rico is the island that inspires me, that place I am very proud to be from.

VT: Nowadays, you are globally successful, and many would think that success came by itself. Could you share a little about your origins and the hard work that has made you be who you are today?

Lunay: It takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice to become successful. I started in music at a very young age. But, with hard work, sacrifice, and humbleness, I have got here. There are lots of things to do still, and the way to achieve them remains the same.

Latin music taking over the world

VT:Let us talk about your music. But first, please, answer this: Why do you think urban music has taken over the world?

Lunay: I believe that this is the kind of music that invites you to enjoy and forget about all of the problems. As a Latin and Puerto Rican person, I feel really proud that our music and language have reached this far.

VT: In 2019, when your single Soltera came out, it became an instant hit but later, came the remix version with two legends of the current music: Daddy Yankee and Bad Bunny. Then, Soltera Remix surpassed the 706 million views on YouTube and more than 628 million streams on Spotify and counting, among other achievements. As of today, what can you tell us about this song and that epic collaboration?

Lunay: Soltera is one of those songs that change your life. We knew it was great, but you never have the certainty of how far it will go. Even though we have to keep working, never settle, and keep the enthusiasm.

VT: Recently, you were part of an important live performance in the show of Jimmy Fallon alongside Nicki Nicole. What can you tell us about working with that artist, No Toque Mi Naik, and the music video you made for that song?

Lunay: I love Nicki Nicole! I think she is an amazing artist, and I feel really thankful she wanted to count on me. I love her vibes and everything she does. The truth is that the days at the studio, filming the video, and performing for Jimmy Fallon were really fun experiences; the energy was stunning.

Lunay: El Niño x Vanity Teen Lunay: El Niño x Vanity Teen Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine
Lunay ©La Familia

El Niño x Vanity Teen

VT: In your latest music video, you went for a playful performance. How was filming Le gusta que la vean?

Lunay: I enjoyed filming this video. It was really fun to be disguised as different characters. I think it was a different kind of filming and that is always amusing. I hope you liked it!

VT: El Niño, your most recent album, comes out today. Do you consider our readers will enjoy your new project?

Lunay: Totally, I think all of you are going to like it a lot. You will notice the evolution since Épico, but you will realize it has been made with the same spirit. It is the truest version of myself; you will enjoy it and dance it out.

Be humble, be nice, and be free

VT: Finally, let us talk about a couple of more serious topics. First, as a reference about Latin urban music, how do you think this genre and your music have contributed to making people feel freer and express themselves without fear?

Lunay: I like a lot to think our music has been helpful to eradicate prejudice and enjoy. Knowing people feel free with our music makes me happy.

VT: Secondly, which advice would you give to those young people who are aspiring to pursue a career in the music industry?

Lunay:  The same thing I told you at the beginning, the first thing is to work hard, being humble, and having both feed on the ground. Always surround yourself with a good team and be nice to everyone.

VT: Anything else you would like to share with Vanity Teen?

Lunay: It is a pleasure and an honor to talk to you; best regards to all my fans. I hope to see you all very soon.

Before we go

Representation matters today, and Lunay has been giving a fresh and better face to urban Latin music. He always remembers where he comes from and cherishes the importance of family and friends. We should do the same and work hard to achieve our dreams.

His latest album El Niño is out now, so take your time to enjoy it and let the music set you free.

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