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Lola Índigo & Belinda x Vanity Teen

Lola Índigo and Belinda came by to talk about the ways music changed their lives, how they faced difficult times while growing up, the joy of helping others, and of course, their latest international hit single featuring Tini: La Niña de la Escuela (That girl from school).

As the song let us infer: they glowed up, but that does not mean they grew up to be mean; life has taught them to be nice women, and so, they are. Therefore, please, treat yourself to this conversation we had for Vanity Teen.

Lola índigo
Lola Índigo | ©UMG

Lola Índigo & Belinda x Vanity Teen

VT: Let us start with the topic everyone wants to know about: La Niña de la Escuela (That girl from the school). How did it all happen? How did you come up with this song that unifies fans from all over the world, especially from all Hispanic America?

Lola Índigo: The song was born right after the quarantine; we created it via Zoom, with all the producers and authors working as one. Then when I had the song ready, I thought the song was amazing and it would be great to collaborate with two female music icons like Tini and Belinda, so I sent them the song, and they loved it.

Beli (Belinda) was here in Spain; thus, we were able to record it together. Then, everything was so natural and beautiful.

Belinda: Let me tell you that it was a huge surprise because I already knew the music of Lola (Índigo). So, when she sent me the song, I loved it since the very first time I listened to it.

The first time listening to the song, I felt like it was something special. At that moment, I did not know how big this amazing project would become and how people would respond to it. Now, I love to see everything that is going on with the song. I am greatly thankful to Lola (Índigo) for thinking about me, for picturing me in this song, and for the way she did so.

Therefore, I love it! I honestly feel lucky, blessed, happy, and thankful to all the people who have made this song their favorite.

Lola Indigo, TINI, Belinda – Niña de la Escuela |© UMG

La Niña de la Escuela and its message

VT: Thinking in retrospective about your childhood memories and the school years, how do you feel identified with La Niña de la Escuela and its message?

Belinda: Personally, while younger, I had some times full of insecurities. We all go through times in which we do not feel really confident, or there are moments we think we are not beautiful enough. I think we all experience times like those.

During adolescence, the way you feel sometimes depends on the people who you hang out with and the advice you receive. Those are difficult and sensitive times. And, yes, I did have moments of insecurity but, in time, and as the years goes by -because it is a kind of work you have to do with yourself- you begin to gain more confidence.

Every day you have to realize how valuable you are. Thus, this song has a good message for all the women and even men who do not feel somehow confident with themselves. It is a song for everyone.

Lola Índigo: Yes, just like Beli (Belinda) did, when I was younger experienced times in which I felt different and put down. But the song talks about that the most important thing is to follow your dreams, to keep your inner child alive, and trust in what that child wants because, at the end of the day, that child is your truth, the purest version of yourself, and we always have to keep that in mind.

Belinda |© UMG

Learning from others

VT: You both have been part of TV shows created to support new talents. For Example, Lola, you recently were part of The Dancer. In that show, you met Aina, and you promised her that she would be part of your upcoming music video. You kept your word, and later, we came to know it was La Niña de la Escuela. Therefore, how has it been the experience of seeing young people who love and admire you trusting in you, looking for guidance and mentoring?

Lola Índigo: In the case of Aina, for me, it was something beautiful. As you said, I kept my word and all the things I told her in the show.

The most beautiful part was seeing that for any girl, one of her biggest dreams is being part of a music video, and I know it would be special for me when I was a little girl because I also love dancing so much.

Dancers do not always have the opportunity to have a main role in almost any of these kinds of projects. Therefore, it was beautiful for her to portrait this girl in the music video. I mean, the song is called: La Niña de la Escuela (That Girl from School), and she had this amazing opportunity to be that girl in her room dreaming of something better. It was so sweet seeing Aina getting excited about being part of the music video.

Belinda: In my case, I love being part of La Voz (The Voice); I have been in a few seasons. I can tell you that The Voice Kids is one of my favorites TV shows because allows you to see all the children since they are really young pursuing their dreams, and most of the time, despite their young age, they act like true professionals and they are really young, I mean, 7 or 8 years old.

You see them acting like professionals and working so hard, really excited for what they are doing, that you feel like they are teaching you and not the other way around. You learn a lot, not only from the adults but from the little ones, and that is a nice surprise.

I won last season of The Voice Kids with a child (Randy Ortiz) who is amazing and is having a great career. Currently, he is singing with Julión Álvarez and making music videos. I think he is going to collaborate with Christian (Nodal) in one of his upcoming concerts. So, I love seeing him fulfilling his dreams being that young, feeling his enthusiasm, and noticing that, despite his age, he is committed to what he is doing.

When it comes to achieve your goals and stay focus on your dreams, it does not matter how old you are because you will be able to achieve them as long as you know what you want.


VT: Anything else you would like to share with Vanity Teen?

Belinda: I am here with Lola, this beautiful Spanish singer that I love and I admire, we have this song called La Niña de la Escuela, and I hope you guys love it!

Lola Índigo: I am very proud to share La Niña de la Escuela with Belinda and Tini. I want to thank all the fans for all of your support, and I hope you enjoy this interview.

I love you all!

Tini, Lola Índigo, and Belinda
Tini, Lola Índigo, and Belinda |© UMG

Before we go

We all have been through bad times and have had to deal with insecurity or lack of confidence at one point or another. Nevertheless, music has always been beside us to help us to get over those bad times.

In this opportunity, Lola Índigo, Belinda, and Tini have joined forces to bring us La Niña de la Escuela (That girl from school), a song that reminds us that it is always good to be nice to others and lets us know that times will get better; just the kind of message we need right now.

We hope you enjoy their song, this interview, and, please, remember to never underestimate yourself or others, do not be one of those who did not believe in the next generation of pop music royalty. 

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