Levon Hawke Immortalized in Hedi Slimane's 'PORTRAIT OF' Series, Exudes Elegance in CELINE Homme Levon Hawke Immortalized in Hedi Slimane's 'PORTRAIT OF' Series, Exudes Elegance in CELINE Homme Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Levon Hawke Immortalized in Hedi Slimane’s ‘PORTRAIT OF’ Series, Exudes Elegance in CELINE Homme

Continuing the riveting ‘PORTRAIT OF’ series, we are thrilled to unveil an exquisite collection of images featuring Levon Hawke. These striking photographs, taken by the acclaimed fashion designer and photographer Hedi Slimane, see Hawke in an entirely new light as he dons pieces from CELINE Homme.

Born in 2002, Levon Roan Thurman-Hawke is a rising star in the realm of acting. As the son of renowned actors Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, and the brother of actress Maya Hawke, it seems natural that he’d follow in their thespian footsteps. Levon’s upcoming debut in the film ‘Pussy Island’ is keenly anticipated, and he’s also secured a role in ‘The Crowded Room’, promising a burgeoning career in the industry. Beyond his cinematic pursuits, Levon also holds a profound passion for fashion and basketball, signifying his diverse interests.

The photo session took place in New York in June 2023, against the backdrop of the city’s vibrant energy and unique urban charm. The bustling streets, soaring skyscrapers, and raw urban spirit of New York serve as a perfect backdrop for these captivating images, complementing the fashion aesthetic that Slimane is known for.

The ‘PORTRAIT OF’ series, especially with Hawke’s recent addition, continues to celebrate individuality and creativity, offering a window into the lives of those shaping the world of arts and culture. Through Slimane’s lens, these portraits provide an intimate and inspiring look at the people who continue to push the boundaries in their respective fields.

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