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Kimberley Cookey-Gam x Paloma Wool

Paloma Wool (I.G. @palomawool) is once again turning our fantasies into fashion. Now it does so by weaving a new DIY story together with artist Kimberley Cookey-Gam (I.G. @crochetcookey): a capsule of 9 handmade knitted pieces made in London throughout 2021.

“We met Kimberley through Instagram over a year ago. During this time we have shared countless emails, zoom calls, poetry podcasts, and the step by step development of this special capsule. We finally came together in Barcelona a few weeks ago to put this dream together”, says Paloma Wool about the artistic project.

That dream of which they speak is materialised in a capsule that fuses concepts such as art, clothing and inclusion in a series of crochet pieces that embrace and adapt to all bodies. Normativity is diluted here to praise diversity: each garment has precisely a bow that helps those ideas to manifest itself in a material form.

Within the asymmetrical menu we find tops, skirts and dresses dyed in a chromatic duality between earth and neon tones, which can be superimposed on garments or worn independently, revealing the beauty of the body.

 The sculpture-inspired garments become expressions of freedom, pieces of art to embellish any outfit: “I have one of my free-form pieces that I hang on the wall, simply because I admire it so much. But I can also take it and wear it whenever I want. And I really like that transition. I think it can be a reflection of how we change shape and transform ourselves in the different stages of life”, expresses Crochet Cookey about the significance of the work.

If we deep into the moodboard, the DIY collection is woven through the artist’s creative process, fusing crochet with everyday elements, and combining hard and soft materials in the same avant-garde concept. Cracks, gaps, and unattended spaces stand as another latent feature of this powerful series that transcends the art of cut-out.

The nine crochet pieces of the capsule collection are already on display on the website.

Click here to find out more about the collaborative project.

By Laura Pérez

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