Kim Jones: Crafting an Interlude in Fashion with Dior Men’s Spring 2024  Kim Jones: Crafting an Interlude in Fashion with Dior Men’s Spring 2024  Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Kim Jones: Crafting an Interlude in Fashion with Dior Men’s Spring 2024 

As we navigate the stages of the fashion calendar, a pre-collection often stands as an interlude, a transitional moment where the designer’s versatility is put to the test. For Dior Men’s Artistic Director, Kim Jones, this pre-spring collection carries added significance.

“The next show is my fifth anniversary,” he confides, “So, I’m going to do something a little different to mark the time.”

Embracing the Legacy, Paving New Paths

Jones’s tenure at Dior has been marked by a deft blending of the brand’s classic aesthetic with fresh, cutting-edge elements. This pre-spring collection is no exception. Jones draws inspiration from the ’80s Buffalo style of Ray Petri, integrating it seamlessly into Dior’s iconic color palette. He playfully reimagines the house’s logos and punctuates the collection with sparkling jewels derived from France’s highest national honors.

A Tribute to Subcultures

Jones’ understanding and appreciation of youth subcultures inform his work significantly. He fondly recalls his early introduction to London’s eclectic style that married couture with vintage. “Ray Petri was really the key figure in a collaborative group of people who were doing different things: photographers, filmmakers, singers,” he shares, acknowledging the profound influence Petri and his cohort had on him.

Redefining Modern Masculinity

The Artistic Director’s innovative approach allows him to present fresh perspectives on masculinity. Reflecting on Petri’s works, he comments, “The thing is, you look at those photographs today, and they’re entirely modern. They’d make a skirt look like the most masculine thing in the world.” His aim is to challenge established norms, infusing a sense of ease and comfort in traditionally formal pieces. His focus isn’t just on a black tie, but on a black tie that isn’t straightforward.

This intent is evident as he remarks on the Cannes Film Festival. “When people go to those events, they want to go dressed up and comfortable,” he observes, encapsulating the core ethos of his work.

With his fifth anniversary on the horizon, Kim Jones is poised to continue his remarkable journey with Dior Men, consistently bridging the past, the present, and the future of fashion.

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