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JORDANLUCA @jordanluca_official presents its Spring/Summer 2022 collection, reflecting on the present and our inner emotions: grief and anger caused by these rough times, but also joy and euphoria for our journey and how have we been able to make it to this exciting present full of possibilities.

Combining both negative and positive emotions, the collection shows the combination of strength and vulnerability which coexist at the same time to enable us to renew and heal. The collection also reimagines masculinity in the most visceral, jubilant, and effervescent way possible. The designer used a very elegant and basic color palette, consisting of whites, jade green, saffron, and red accents as well as contrasting styles like 1950s Cuban silhouettes with themes of British movements: skinheads, postage stamps, bunting, memorabilia, and crucially, pride.

“Things, as we know them, will probably never be the same. SS22 channels this feeling through each garment, each one representing a rebirth, a reckoning, and a reveling in the here and now.”

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