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Gucci Valigeria’s Trip Back to Its Roots

In the captivating sequel of the Gucci Valigeria campaign, esteemed actor and the face of the brand, Jungjae Lee, sets forth on an exploration of the birthplace of the House’s tale: the iconic Savoy Hotel.

A Step Back into the Past

Nestled in the heart of London, this grand edifice holds a special place in Gucci’s history. It was here that a youthful Guccio Gucci, employed as a bellboy, watched the international elite and found the spark to launch his own luggage craftsmanship upon returning to his beloved Florence.

Cloaked in the classic, recognizable designs that Gucci is famous for, Lee delves deep into this historic venue while unmasking how the House has evolved its primal concept of innovating smart luggage designs across its remarkable 102-year timeline.

Exploring the Historic Savoy Hotel

You’ll find him under the towering signature sign of the Savoy Hotel, as well as within the magnificent Royal Suite by Gucci, presently embellished with an array of items from the Gucci Décor collection. This immersion not only uncovers the past but also unveils the House’s present, mirroring how its foundational story continues to resonate in the latest Gucci Valigeria collection.

Showcasing the Gucci Savoy Line

The photographic narratives spotlight designs from the Gucci Savoy line, a tribute to the hotel’s importance in Gucci’s history. Further, they introduce the newly minted selection of Gucci Porter aluminum suitcases, embellished with the timeless GG monogram and the House’s trademark tri-stripe.

A Collaboration with FPM Milano

These elegant travel companions were born from a collaboration with FPM Milano, spotlighting the standout Bank rigid-wheel suitcase, a timeless masterpiece from the Italian luxury luggage producer.

The Legacy Continues

Revisiting this narrative with Lee, we embark on a journey that intertwines the threads of past and present. Through this exploration, we can see how Gucci has creatively preserved its founding vision while adapting and expanding its design ethos to the modern era. From the Savoy Hotel to the innovative designs of today, Gucci’s Valigeria collection weaves a narrative that upholds the House’s iconic style and luxury, a testament to its enduring legacy.

Our journey doesn’t stop here. As we unravel the evolution of Gucci, we discover that the story is not just about luggage but a tradition of craftsmanship and a love for a timeless style that will continue to inspire generations to come.

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