Shattering Norms: Fotómetro's Uninhibited Exploration of Identity and Desire Shattering Norms: Fotómetro's Uninhibited Exploration of Identity and Desire Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Shattering Norms: Fotómetro’s Uninhibited Exploration of Identity and Desire

Fotómetro is an award-winning photography duo conformed by Rona Bar @ronabarphotos and Ofek Avshalom @ofekavshalom. The London-based duo is characterized by turning their lens onto themes such as identity, individuality, and relationships. Their practice wants to be a mirror for the infinite facets of the human experience, pushing the boundaries of gender, race, and sexuality among others. Thanks to their bold and irreverent aesthetic, Bar and Avshalom have become the go-to photographers of a number of talents, including musicians, painters, designers, tattoo artists, and more.

In exclusive for the magazine, the duo shared in exclusive an editorial featuring Florence Rose @florenceros.e, a London-based artist, musician, and model who directs, writes, and designs for film and fashion, with a focus on the feminine and the animalistic nature of obsession and desire. Her latest project “My Lust Is My Religion” created with producer Melo Nada will be slowly releasing over this summer. A series of cinematic and erotic dream pop/trip-hop tracks.

Exclsuive for Vanity Teen!

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