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FLAN x WARHEADS Collection

New York-based clothing brand which celebrates humor, color, comfort and most notable, food FLAN (Forever Laughing At Nothing) unveils their latest concept collaboration with the iconic candy brand Warheads.

With the brand’s characteristic mix of fresh, eclectic colors with cozy materials, different themes, and textures to keep a food-filled and fun aesthetic, this collection delivers a burst of nostalgia by way of colorful tees and gradient-dye collar button-downs, bridging the gap between clothing and cuisine.

“The opportunity to collaborate with Warheads was a dream come true, providing us the chance to merge our FLAN world with the iconic sour candy in a rewarding and inspiring manner. The result is something we are all immensely proud of, a creative fusion of the two brands in a tasteful and elevated final offering.”

FLAN founder, Jared Vinik

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