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Fashion Story – Wild at Heart by Patrycja Pioch Makurat

Photographer Patrycja Pioch Makurat @piochpatrycja and stylist Kasia Johnson @styledbykasia take us on a gourmet-fashion tour in New York in this exclusive story starring the amazing and beautiful Larissa Marchiori @larissamarchiori at The Industry New York @theindustryny.

Shot at the iconic Katz Delicatessen, the editorial contrasts the everydayness of the restaurant and its staff with the extravagant vibe of the model, which gives that extra vibe of coolness to the place.

“Me and Kasia (the wardrobe stylist) started with choosing a location. We were thinking of something really cool and iconic. NYC is a special place with many legendary spots. One of these places is Katz Delicatessen. It’s a jewish deli known for bagels and pastrami. The story is about a woman who is not a typical customer. She comes after a party to grab something to eat. She’s loud, bold and making the scene. People stare and she loves it.

I would say that working on this editorial was wild, just like its title. We shot at a running restaurant, so we were limited by the place and time. We didn’t want to bother the customers and the staff and we wanted to wrap up before it gets really busy. This is exactly the kind of work I like the most, because it gives me a huge scope for creativity.

I wanted to portray the story in a non-obvious way. It’s the wildness of the heart that everyone carries within themselves, which is closest to my heart. The main inspiration for me was the film by
David Lynch.”

Patrycja Pioch Makurat

Photographer: Patrycja Pioch Makurat @piochpatrycja
Stylist: Kasia Johnson @styledbykasia
Model: Larissa Marchiori @larissamarchiori at The Industry New York @theindustryny
Make-Up Artist: @el_debratto
Hairstylist: Nami Kusuoka
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