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Fashion Story – Perfect Places by Santiago Neyra

“Are we lost enough? Always looking for those perfect places, what are the perfect places? They’re only temporary escapes from reality, and meager attempts to create legitimately perfect places.”

Photographer Santiago Neyra @santiagoneyraa shares an exclusive story that invites us to reflect on what makes us feel good. Entitled “Perfect Places“, the story features models Aritz Kortabarria @aritzkortabarria, Ali Bercan @alibercan, and Alex Gomez @aleexgmz26, in different moments in which one could feel that it is the “perfect place”. Whether it is relaxing in bed, reading a book or a magazine in the living room, appreciating nature with the plants in our home, or playing with an object of our liking, getting away from the pressures of everyday life.

About the concept of the shoot, the photographer commented:

“I think nobody know what it is a “perfect place” cause we are always searching it, it could be a tangible space or an emotion, so it have many ways to represent it, normally when we are looking for it we are looking for a safe place, were we could be ourselves and enter our mind, that’s why I wanted to tell. In our on home we create those scenarios, to look for that space and our minds is part of it, to get deep in it”

Santiago Neyra, photographer

Perfect Places

Photography & Creative Direction: Santiago Neyra @santiagoneyraa
Producers: Juan Marti (@sswango) and Santiago Neyra (@santiagoneyraa)
Art & Set Design: Ane Iriberri (@anexo.v1)
Stylist: Raul Iglesias @raul.iglesiasb
Stylist Assistant: Adrián Giménez @adrigimz
MUAH: Manu Repila Galache @manurepilamuah
Aritz Kortabarria @aritzkortabarria
Ali Bercan @alibercan
Alex Gomez @aleexgmz26
Retouch: Danny Faria @dannyfariiia
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