Études SS24 Collection: The Captivating Finale of the Paris Trilogy Études SS24 Collection: The Captivating Finale of the Paris Trilogy Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Études SS24 Collection: The Captivating Finale of the Paris Trilogy

Études heralds the conclusion of its Paris trilogy by soaring to the city’s rooftops, venturing into an entirely new dimension beyond the city’s boundaries. Unshackled from the constraints of time and space, the brand embarks on an audacious journey across a maze of zinc rooftops, where moments stretch and boundaries become blurred. As the lights dim in “CRÉPUSCULE”, the Spring/Summer 2024 collection materializes, unveiling a portal to the Parisian rooftops where shadows come alive and secrets unfurl.

The Pinnacle of Paris – A Sensory Experience

Here, a sense of weightlessness intertwines with a thrill that stirs the senses and evokes the immediacy of the present moment. Perched atop Paris, we become silent observers, cloaked in anonymity. The familiar silhouette of the Parisian rooftops fractures, transforming through Études’ distinctive lens.

A Heterotopian Space Reimagined

The creative trinity behind the brand – Jérémie Egry, Aurélien Arbet, and José Lamali, venture into the fantastical realm of this heterotopia space. They masterfully blend influences from diverse domains such as gabber culture, skateboarding, and sophisticated tailoring

Études Signature Style – The Perfect Harmony

Études maintains its characteristic style, flawlessly transitioning between structure and fluidity, the rugged charm of workwear, and the ease of streetwear. Tailored elegance syncs with functional appeal, as outdoor inspirations fuse with meticulous details, infusing the sartorial aesthetic with a hint of softness.

A Sartorial Metamorphosis

Bomber jackets transfigure into jumpsuits, while conventional jackets evolve into trench coats with gathered sleeves. Voluminous nylon pants meld with oversized jackets and refined double-breasted coats. Unexpectedly, technical-outdoor harnesses collide with sophisticated silk tracksuits, creating a captivating contrast that draws the eye.

With the SS24 collection, Études paints a dramatic finale to its Paris Trilogy. It’s a collection that takes us on a journey to the rooftops of Paris, where the brand’s vision evolves and transforms, creating a fusion of past influences and future trends. It showcases the dynamic evolution of fashion, where every rooftop, every shadow, becomes an opportunity for transformation and discovery.

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