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El Sueño by Selene Aliayi

Photographer Selene Aliayi @selealiayi and fashion stylist Melina Ferber @meliferber invite us to join them on a journey of unapologetic self-expression, where the ordinary is left behind, and the extraordinary becomes the norm. Enter “El Sueño”, an exclusive story featuring models Mateo Videla @mateovidela, Juan Sartor @juansartor, and influencer Alou Yara @alouyara10. A story that embodies audacity, leading us to embrace the unconventional, celebrate individuality, and revel in the artistry of fashion.

According to fashion stylist Melina Ferber, the story symbolizes liberation from the mundane, the obligatory, and the predictable. It is a call to embrace the life you’ve always desired, where boundaries are shattered, and limitless possibilities unfold. 

About the shoot, the stylist commented:

“The moodboard for “El Sueño” showcases a bold collision of vibrant hues. The chosen location, Montjuic’s Garden, feels like entering Alice in Wonderland in wonderland, exuding an air of grandeur and sophistication. Stepping into this place felt just right: like entering a portal to a world where inhibitions vanish, and a sense of empowerment takes hold.

The color palette is an audacious blend where pastel hues intertwine with vibrant tones. The attitude portrayed throughout is an embodiment of playful madness, unbridled joy, and a longing for camaraderie. It beckons us to rediscover the simple pleasures of life, to laugh, play, and stand united.

As a fashion stylist, my true passion is to turn garments into a work of art, playing with oversized volumes, an exotic color combination and captivatingly weird shapes. And that’s how fashion becomes a bold statement of self-expression. From mixing unexpected fabrics to juxtaposing emotional resonance through the characters that participate in every story, I try to sculpt an aesthetic that defies conventions and sparks intrigue, creating fearless fashion-forward looks that captivate and inspire.”

Melina Ferber, fashion stylist

About the dream models, who represent a great diversity of talent and ambition, is up-and-coming model Alou, represented by Sight Management and Clear Management. Argentinean influencer Juan, recently relocated to Barcelona seeking a complete life transformation, and Mateo Videla, also from Argentina, who has an extensive modeling career and is currently signed with Sight Management. In fact, you might remember Mateo from one of the shoots he did for us in 2017.

Exclusive for Vanity Teen!

El Sueño by Selene Aliayi

Photography: Selene Aliayi @selealiayi
Styling: Melina Ferber @meliferber
MUAH: Victoria Varela @veve.makeup

Mateo Videla @mateovidela
Juan Sartor @juansartor
Alou Yara @alouyara10
Styling Assistant: Marta García Calvo Marín @martademurcia
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