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Dominic Valle: the number 1 thing in my mind Dominic Valle: the number 1 thing in my mind Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


Dominic Valle: the number 1 thing in my mind

Dominic Valle is a Puerto Rican descendant boxer who has been gaining recognition in sports and the modeling industry. He is a young man proud of his roots and has strong family values. But as you would presume, he is honestly focusing on his career and is doing his best to achieve his goals.

Therefore, we invite you to keep reading this article and get to know Dominic Valle better, be motivated by his impassionated spirit, and become like a good friend who shares his excitement for the number 1 thing in his mind.

Dominic Valle
Dominic Valle | Photos by Andre Gabb | Stylist: Luiza Renuart

The number 1 thing in my mind

VT: You always have been proud to show your Latin American origins. What can you tell us about it and how you cherish your diversity?

DV: I’ve always been proud to embrace my Puerto Rican side. Puerto Rico is a small island but has produced such big celebrities: from artists like Daddy Yankee to Bad Bunny, and athletes from Tito Trinidad, To Miguel Cotto, and even to the NBA with JJ Barea. So I’m extremely proud to know that my brother and I have a chance to add to the long line of talent from Puerto Rico.

And to have the support of an entire island behind us would be the ultimate achievement. My grandparents have always kept the Puerto Rican traditions in my life: the food, the music, and our holiday traditions. So I’m going to keep representing The Island.

The only thing I regret is not learning the language. However, the Puerto Rican blood runs through my veins, and I’m proud of it!

Dominic Valle with Vanity Teen
Dominic Valle | Photos by Andre Gabb | Stylist: Luiza Renuart

VT: How do you manage to balance life between modeling and boxing?

DV: Boxing has been my life since the day I was born, so boxing will always the number 1 thing in my mind be, so now that modeling is a part of my life, I don’t really try to balance their modeling is a great way to get my image out to the world even more. I take it as another blessing I’ve gotten from boxing.

VT: How did you get involved with a healthy lifestyle and boxing?

DV: Honestly, boxing and fitness are the only things I’ve ever wanted to be involved in my life, so I never got involved with anything different. I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember.

Dominic Valle with Vanity Teen
Dominic Valle | Photos by Andre Gabb | Stylist: Luiza Renuart

I will do anything for the people I love

VT: It looks like your family is an important part of your life. That being said, how would you describe your relationship with your brother Marques and his importance in your boxing career?

DV: Yes, I am a family person.

I will do anything for the people I love; they are another huge reason I why do what I do. I want to give them a life they could only dream of.

My brother Marques has been with me since the very beginning. Lots of the things I do are from watching him, he pushes me every day to be better, and he is also my biggest competition. Whatever he does, I have to try and do better. And I couldn’t imagine having to do this without him.

VT: How is your routine before and after a fight?

DV: I have a very strict routine. However, it’s not something I don’t enjoy; I wake up thinking about boxing and go to bed thinking about it.

All I do is eat, train, and sleep. I’ll lose count of how often I train. I would say at least three times a day and eat around six meals a day, all to fuel my workouts.

Anything that’s not productive to making my dreams a reality, I will cut it out.

VT: Who are your biggest inspirations, and why?

DV: My celebrity inspirations got to be Miguel Cotto, Tito Trinidad, and Floyd Mayweather.
Miguel Cotto is 100% the reason I fell in love with boxing. We used to go to my grandparents’ house and throw parties just for his fights.

I learned more about Tito Trinidad while boxing; he is more of my dad’s era. And to see the way he represented Puerto Rico only made me realize I wanted to do the same.

And Floyd Mayweather has to be because of his work ethic; he made me realize what it takes to be at that level, and I won’t stop till I get there. But, as I said before, my biggest inspirations in life are my parents and family.

Dominic Valle with Vanity Teen
Dominic Valle | Photos by Andre Gabb | Stylist: Luiza Renuart

I control my destiny, my future, and my emotions

VT: Which plans do you have for the future?

DV: My plans for the future are simple. I don’t just want to be a world champion; I want to be the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world. And be the face of the sport.

I want to make more money than I could know what to do with it. And eventually, be remembered as one of the greats.

VT: How do you handle mental health? Do you have any advice that has worked for you to share with those young people who might be experiencing mental health issues?

DV: Mental health is an important topic. But for me, I realized that I control my destiny, my future, and my emotions, and I know that I only have one life, and I have to give it everything I have because when the clock expires. There’s no going back. You have to do what makes you truly happy, and for me, that’s giving my family the best life they could possibly have.

Dominic Valle with Vanity Teen
Dominic Valle | Photos by Andre Gabb | Stylist: Luiza Renuart

VT: Sometimes people think that there is something like a magic trick to staying fit or getting a professional career in sports; thus, would you like to share with us a little about your journey and the hard work you have been doing all over these years?

DV: 100% being fit and making it in professional sports is all up to you. Everyone is human, and we all start on the same playing field we all start as babies.

The only thing that begins to separate people is the work you put in. It’s consistently working towards your goals day and night that will get you there. And believe me when I say it will not be easy, but it will be worth it.

VT: Anything else you would like to share with Vanity Teen?

DV: All I can say is thank you, Vanity Teen, for the opportunity, and I hope this helps people from around the world. And hopefully, this interview would help them get to know my story a little more.

Dominic Valle with Vanity Teen
Dominic Valle | Photos by Andre Gabb | Stylist: Luiza Renuart

Before we go

On a hand, Dominic Valle will always show you his most daring and emboldened expressions because he is a tough guy who never lets others intimidate him, and following strict discipline is his lifestyle. On the other hand, he is a family person who always keeps his feet on the ground with humbleness and a kind determination.

But at the end of the day, he is a young man literally fighting for his dreams. His story has encouraged me to push myself more, so I invite you to do the same and stay tuned and get inspired by him on social media by following him @dominicvalle_.

Peace to all.

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