Dive into the LACOSTE "Vibrant Summer" Pop-Up Store on Anfu Road, Shanghai Dive into the LACOSTE "Vibrant Summer" Pop-Up Store on Anfu Road, Shanghai Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Dive into the LACOSTE “Vibrant Summer” Pop-Up Store on Anfu Road, Shanghai

Shanghai welcomes LACOSTE’s “Vibrant Summer” pop-up store on Anfu Road, featuring a colorful and playful space inspired by the pixelated crocodile. With a variety of exclusive items and special collaborations, this is a must-visit destination for all fashion enthusiasts!

Pixelated Crocodile as the Main Vision

The French brand LACOSTE introduces the pixelated crocodile as the key visual element for their “Vibrant Summer” pop-up store, creating an interesting and dynamic atmosphere for visitors.

Outdoor Space with Crocodile Pool and Iconic Balloon

Step into the outdoor area of the store and be greeted by a small crocodile pool, the iconic little crocodile balloon, and special LACOSTE X RAC beverages to quench your thirst on a hot summer day.

Exclusive Spring and Summer Collection

Inside the pop-up store, you’ll find an array of limited-edition items including POLO shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, shirts, skirts, shorts, hats, slippers, beach towels, socks, bags, and other spring and summer essentials. The pixelated crocodile takes center stage, featured in various poses like surfing, skateboarding, swimming, and kite flying.

Visit the LACOSTE “Vibrant Summer” Pop-Up Store on Anfu Road

Don’t miss out on this unique shopping experience! The LACOSTE “Vibrant Summer” pop-up store on Anfu Road will only be open until May 10th. Interested readers should make their way there soon to catch a glimpse of this limited-time fashion wonderland.

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