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Diogo Afonso by Ricardo Santos

Focused on lights and shadows, the shapes they create and the sensual and ethereal atmosphere created by the black and white shots, this fashion editorial is all about the exaltation of body expressions. Lisbon-based photographer Ricardo Santos @_ricardocsantos perfectly captured that poetic essence of the body of the gorgeous model Diogo Afonso @diogoafonso1 represented by On Way Models @onwaymodels.

Shot using a Canon 5D Mark IV in the photographer’s studio with just natural light, it reflects his love for these type of photography, the intimacy of black and white shots and the uniqueness of skin textures and body expressions. “For me is not about the clothes that the models are wearing, it is about creating beautiful imagery that lasts forever.”

Being a sports student, Diogo has an incredible muscle body and the natural light with the black and white backgrounds enhance every part of his body. With a very simple styling and composition, the photographer focuses all the attention on the model’s body, how the muscles twist with movement, and how natural light outlines different body parts. Poetry is in the simple and purest things, the human body, playing with another natural and simple element, the natural light.

“The human body is the best picture of the human soul.”

Ludwig Wittgenstein

In charge of the styling was Joel Alves @_joelalves_ who totally understood the vibe and brought a combination of archive pieces with simple items to focus on the body. Diogo really felt confident and sexy during the shoot, what translates into this amazing and perfect editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online, with that youthful, sexy and confident vibe we always seek for in our editorials.

Model Diogo Afonso @diogoafonso1 represented by On Way Models @onwaymodels photographed by Ricardo Santos @_ricardocsantos styled by Joel Alves @_joelalves_. Exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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