Designer Di Du's Sustainable Collections Bring Femininity and Futurism to Women's Fashion at DIDU Designer Di Du's Sustainable Collections Bring Femininity and Futurism to Women's Fashion at DIDU Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Designer Di Du’s Sustainable Collections Bring Femininity and Futurism to Women’s Fashion at DIDU

by Mira Postolache

Designer Di Du's Sustainable Collections Bring Femininity and Futurism to Women's Fashion at DIDU Designer Di Du's Sustainable Collections Bring Femininity and Futurism to Women's Fashion at DIDU Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

DIDU was established in 2019 and is currently developing in both Paris and Shanghai. Designer Di Du graduated from the fashion department of Royal Academy of Fine Art, Antwerp in 2019. Focusing on shapes and cuts, techniques, and sustainable fabrics, DIDU presents women’s collections that seek to unite modern garments with strong emotions. DIDU brought super feminine, subversion and futurism for women. 

In DIDU’s collections, gender, society and equality are the unchanging manifestos. While elegantly conveying women’s attraction, DIDU integrates Eastern and Western cultures in an attempt to break the boundaries of a single cultural concept. It is a kind of self-love and self-acceptance for women to express their body bravely. DIDU fully gives women the opportunity to show the beauty of the body and encourages them to express themselves confidently. 

As we, at Vanity Teen, are constantly curious to get in touch with powerful voices in fashion industry, we had an exclusive interview with Di Du: 

Hi Di Du, welcome to Vanity Teen, share with us a few highlights about your background as a child. When was your first approach to fashion?

Hi Vanity Teen, I am very happy to share my story with you! I barely had any fashion influences since teenage time, I was more into movies and literature, but I loved beautiful clothing since I was a kid. Officially I would say my fashion door opened up when I started to study in Antwerp.

How aware are you of the fact that you are considered to be a cool designer making art pieces in a futuristic way?

I do hear that a lot . My eternal desire is to tell stories and share my feelings to the world through my work, I think my language of expressing myself is considered contemporary and artistic , which makes me very happy about it.

Tell us more about your inspiration sources for the Fall-Winter 23/24 collection. Walk us through your design process a little bit. Are there any pieces that are your favorite from this collection?

It was a moment from daily life. I moved to Paris last October , so I wanted to make a collection which speaks about the cultural mixture that happened to me. I took ballet core and Chinese qipao as elements to work with, trying to create a dreamy world that is full of love.

The best things are usually created when people follow their own vision rather than just pursuing success or money for its own sake. How challenging is the business part for you as a creative based in Paris?

For me I think success and money are good, but they come along with what you contribute to, only if you worked hard to make it, business is very important part to think about, because eventually we need that to build the dream in reality. It is very challenging nowadays for young designers to survive and keep a very healthy business model, but every season I learn from the experience of talking to buyers and the styles of different stockists all over the world, it is actually very interesting.

How would you define the term “long-lasting” in fashion? How do you face challenges in such a complex industry?

This is a really good question! I think any industry is challenging when it’s facing time, with technology developing , global warming, our life conditions , fashion could be very different from time to time. You need to keep a sharp mind and insight to feel what’s happening currently, take responsibility as a brand, and always explore and be passionate about it, it’s the key to keep it “long- lasting”.

How do you explore the needs of innovation and revolutionary changes through the fabrics when it comes to be worn by different personalities. What makes you satisfied? What makes you happy? 

I have my own preferences for fabrics, I don’t look for balance of the needs between different crowds, I think it’s more like mutual attraction, I create with my flow, it will speak for itself.

To see the result of a piece from draft to final makes me satisfied and happy.

We know that a few of your garments are inspired by the future and youth’s freedom of expression and such things are clearly seen in your garments. How can you create such strong garments in a positive way?

I have this desire to communicate ,I think that’s why I can make them strong emotionally.

We know you are based between Shanghai and Paris. Is traveling regularly also an important aspect of your creative process?

I believe so . To feel the cultural clash is very inspiring .

What’s your favorite project that you’ve worked on during your career?

My master graduation collection from the Antwerp fashion department.

Name us a few creatives you would like to collaborate with.

Martin Margiela – for an art installation maybe? / Lotta Volkova – stylist / Sebastian – musician

What was the last place that really fascinated you?

It was Chamonix.

A letter to your future self. What would you write?

I hope you are happy and enjoying yourself and continue creating.

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