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Danshan SS22 Collection Resurgence

The brand Danshan @danshanstudio presents the collection named Resurgence for the Spring/Summer 2022 season during London Fashion Week. As the name of the collection says, it is inspired by a feeling of resurgence of ceremonial celebrations after this tough year we have been through, full of loneliness and desolation.

To forget these dark feelings, the brand brings the simplicity of nature, creating harmonic and balanced environments to represent the need of being reunited with our loved ones. All these pure feelings are translated to fashion in these marvelous designs with delicate and sensitive fabrics, transparencies, soft tones, embroidered details and some patterns that reflect nature in its purest form. The tailored suits, tunics and shackets presented in this collection truly represent all these feelings and feel like nature is speaking right to you.

Photography: Marlen Keller, Videography & Editing: Julia Brown, Styling: Peghah Maleknejad, Hair Styling: Mike O’Gorman, Makeup: Mattie White, Set Design: Gabrielle Jameson, Model: Michael at First Model, Joe at Menace Model, and Lucas at Menace, Footwear: Grenson, Socks: Falke. Vanity Teen online!

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