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Christopher Raxxy Fall21 Couture Collection

The Chinese haute couture brand Christopher Raxxy @christopherraxxy_official presents its Fall 2021 Couture collection at the Great Wall of China, demonstrating its unique design aesthetics of down jackets and showing the original Chinese design power to the whole world. William Shen, the brand’s creative director, is a cross-border fashion designer with a mathematical genius. His design philosophy presents meticulous logical thinking, the art of mathematics and geometry in each garments.

Christopher Raxxy Fall21 Couture Collection

The inspiration for this collection was the traditional bamboo weaving craftsmanship in China and traditional culture. From the surface of the bamboo weaving products through all hand-made production, the design of down jackets is shaped by weaving the special texture of the down jacket and applied for the patent of “Great Wall Pattern” for this special process.

“Everyone has a deep-rooted idea about down jacket, thinking that it will look fat. It does not belong to the category of traditional three-dimensional cutting, so the silhouette design is still very difficult. The significance of choosing it is to face up to the difficulties.”

William Shen

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