After struggling with my Asperger and sexual orientation, I finally came out 3 years ago and started to face myself and embrace my community. I started to focus on shooting LGBT teenagers in their own room since spring 2017. It still takes courage for me  to face lots of people at one time. The sound and information outside is too much for an Asperger to take in. But when I face them one by one in room, I feel safe. I looked into their eyes and found scenes in their own rooms. It feels like welcoming by many different little planets…


Analog Photographer: 526 (  I.G. @kowei526)

Model: Jack,  23, follower of hair stylist (I.G. @jack_keeee)  

“A lover doesn’t need to be young, nor rich. As long as we get along like family and friends, he’ll be my lover.”–Jack


“I tattooed the butterfly because the life of a butterfly is short-lived, and it represented a short-lived youth, which has gone.  I was confused about the future during boyhood, so this tattoo also symbolizes freedom.”–Jack


“I used to hurt the one who shouldn’t hurt, love the one I shouldn’t love.”–Jack


“Sadness is a sequel to stress, devastation and other emotions that are out of control.”–Jack


“Now, I am a fresh graduate who is facing great challenges of the future. Taking care of all the needs and slowly becoming a responsible adult.”–Jack


“A perfect world is a place without war, no arguments. Only joy, a world with equality.”–Jack