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Breaking Glass Pictures To Release Larry Clark’s ”Marfa Girl” In Theatres

Marfa Girl1

On 2012,  acclaimed director Larry Clark (Kids, Ken Park) premiered Marfa Girl during the Rome Film Festival, taking home the Marcus Aurelius Award for Best Film. Later that year, the movie was released on the director’s website for a one-day streaming access at a price of $6 with no intentions of taking it to the big screen. Now, Breaking Glass Pictures has partnered with Clark to finally release it on theaters and VOD this month. 

Marfa Girl Adam Mediano

Set in Marfa, a small town in Texas, the film centers on Adam (Adam Mediano), a directionless, half-white, half-Hispanic teenager in the days surrounding his sixteenth birthday. Adam’s relationships and interactions with the other inhabitants of the small town, including his girlfriend Inez (Mercedes Maxwell), his 23-year-old neighbor Donna (Indigo Rael), his teacher (Lindsay Jones), a newly arrived local artist (Drake Burnette), and a crazed border patrol agent are also depicted. What ensues is a web of sex, violence and punk rock.

Marfa Girl will be released  theatrically in New York  & Los Angeles on  Friday March 27, and on April 3 in other major cities and VOD platforms, including all cable providers, iTunes, Amazon Instant, Blockbuster, Google Play, Vudu, Playstation, and Xbox. 

If you are a great fan of Larry Clark’s movie, we promise that Marfa Girl will be of your liking. While we await for its release on  March 27, let’s take a look at its recent trailer:  




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