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Bottega Veneta Debuts New Short Film Spotlighting Craftsmanship in Montebello Vicentino Workshop

Italian luxury fashion house Bottega Veneta has unveiled a new short film, “Craft in Motion,” which takes viewers behind the scenes at its Montebello Vicentino workshop in northern Italy. Directed by Massimiliano Bomba, the film showcases the brand’s heritage, innovation, and commitment to preserving its unparalleled savoir-faire in the fashion world.

Released on April 17th, the unprecedented look into Bottega Veneta‘s iconic artisanal workshop highlights its renowned Intrecciato weaving technique. Featuring a mix of indoor and outdoor shots, the film captures the serenity and brightness of the 19th-century restored villa that houses the workshop and delves into the meticulously handcrafted processes behind each design.

Creative Director Matthieu Blazy emphasizes the exceptional craftsmanship, creativity, and understated luxury that form the essence of Bottega Veneta. “I believe luxury is something you feel rather than see; it’s much more personal and emotional for the wearer than for those who observe it. I want the wearer to feel empowered without the clothing drawing attention. It’s a timeless style, rather than a trend,” he remarks.

With this latest release, Bottega Veneta continues to demonstrate its dedication to craftsmanship and design, offering a unique experience for viewers through its films and access to its workshops.

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