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Bono by Walter Summer Bono by Walter Summer Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


Bono by Walter Summer

Photographer Walter Summer @waltersummerphoto worked with the handsome model Bono @kononkovvv represented by Desired Models @desired_mgmt to create this amazing fashion editorial about a guy who grew up on the streets of a big city but who didn’t lose the ability to feel, exclusively created for Vanity Teen online!

Walter Summer, who has been photographing for over ten years and who has been photographing on film for the last five year, gets inspired by people, faces, and eyes. “I especially love the color and atmosphere of the film,” he says. “And I understand why the film has returned to our lives again. Film gives us magic. Our phones give too correct colors and too sharp pictures. Digital photos capture reality in cold blood. On the contrary, the film gives us imperfect colors and images. And this is the very magic that we so lack in our everyday life. Through these imperfections, we seem to catch hints. I love imperfection in photography and I love hints. That’s why I took this pics with medium format film.”

“Nowadays, when everyone can take a photo with their phone, we want magic from photography.”

“I look at the person and see the outlines of the photo. As if through a haze. Angles and images come to me. I seem to see them from afar. On the set, they get their clear outlines.”

The photographer knew the model Bono for four years. “The camera loves him. He is absolutely special – sincere, honest,” he says. Bono feels the atmosphere of the shot and can convey it.

Summer used vintage items from the 2005 limited edition Adidas collection, and they filmed in a small studio in Minsk, Belarus, with very good natural light.

“I want to create photos that people will admire. I want to create works of art. The rest doesn’t matter to me.”

Model Bono @kononkovvv represented by Desired Models @desired_mgmt photographed by Walter Summer @waltersummerphoto, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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