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Bella Hadid launches her NFT, called "CY-B3LLA" Bella Hadid launches her NFT, called "CY-B3LLA" Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


Bella Hadid launches her NFT, called “CY-B3LLA”

Bella Hadid, is joining the popular trend of virtual currencies and NFT, a hot topic and increasingly used by artists and celebrities.

Gucci and Balenciaga previously announced their union in the metaverse, with their respective shares in NFT, now it is Bella Hadid’s turn, with her own NFT project, CY-B3LLA.

The supermodel is cooperating with reBASE, an NFT platform that has launched CYB3LLA, these NFTs will be 3D scanned and the trailer of the project can be seen on the supermodel’s social media exclusively.

Owners of the supermodel’s NFT series will have the opportunity to meet and communicate with Bella Hadid, the price and release date have not yet been announced, but those interested can pay more attention to the information that Bella Hadid will release on her social media soon.

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