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Bas Draak by Hannes Gade

Keeping his love for interesting faces and his superb style and aesthetics, Berlin-based photographer Hannes Gade @hanneshrg has created this amazing black and white story with the model Bas Draak @basdraak represented by Viva Models Berlin @vivamodelsberlin exclusively for Vanity Teen online!

Before the photoshoot, the photographer had a conversation with the gorgeous Bas Draak to try to get a feel for the model to create their own imagery, which enabled him to tell the story he wanted to tell through this fashion editorial. Wearing really simple and cool vintage leather looks and clothes from Hannes’s styling archive and vintage jewelry, the styling underlines the fragility of his charisma. Black high heels, transparent blouses, black leather pants, and black tops show the simplicity of the styling. Paired with the clean backgrounds and the smooth composition of the images, this editorial shows Hannes Gade’s perfect work. In his own words, “Black and white film, light grain and the
the simple setting have become a kind of signature.”

“We should say goodbye to beauty in the classical sense. It’s not about being perfect. Maybe it’s about finding the sensitivity in masculinity, without presenting it clichéd. I think especially in the pictures with the pumps you can see this very well. They go under and do not catch the viewer’s eye at all. They seem very masculine despite everything, although it is a very feminine accessory.”

Photographed at the photographer’s home with a medium format camera on Kodak tri x 400 120mmm film, doing this shoot at his home offers the model the feeling not to be on a job, but to meet another person in a private atmosphere. As a result, the pictures were shot very quickly since the photographer and model met on a very personal level and the model felt really confident. The pictures were scanned extra rough. Lint and blemishes
are part of the photography and give the story its own look, without any retouching. “Photographing people as they are is the goal of the course,” as the photographer says.

“To photograph is to appropriate the thing photographed.“

Susan Sontag

“I think this quote reflects exactly what I want to achieve with my photography. It’s not about who or what I photograph, but about getting to know the “object” in this case the model, to appreciate it and to show my view of its beauty.”

Model Bas Draak @basdraak represented by Viva Models Berlin @vivamodelsberlin photographed by Hannes Gade @hanneshrg

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