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EMINENCE.  Dedicated to the new man, Atelier CTRL Fall-Winter collection 15/16 gives him a balance between tradition and the future, a collection for the next noble man, who demands tailored luxury, the expertise of old sages in a modern design and future stance. He does not refuses the past, he valorizes it by taking the best of tradition and recycling it for the present day, being prepared and focused on tomorrow, a new man of virtue and nobility. Eminence is key for the mood, architectonic structures with a religious feeling, a sense of a future nobility stands out. Inspired by ancient garments and sci-fi suits, the collection goes around hybrid pieces like the space suit, that reaches the perfect compromise between sweatshirt and jacket, done with the finest burel wool and a full of volume synthetic mesh that gives the interstellar feeling through out the collection. Pieces like the trenchcoat or the cape coat have permanent communication between past and future, kind of an ethereal stance that is highlighted by the luxurious fabrics and classical features mixed with unusual cotton blends and high frequency acetate prints of the logo, reminding a space wardrobe.

onlineimageresize_com_AtelierCTRLFW151621Colour plays a major role in Fall-Winter 15/16, it binds the contrasting fabrics and shapes in a coherent palette of deep colours like violet, pumpkin and mustard, cooled with light creams, optical whites and cool dark greys. The execution is very graphical, with two colour garments and geometrical patterns enhancing the proposed themes. Details are fundamental, but they have to be subtle. Eminence takes this to a whole new level, hiding amazing suprises in every garment, like the one colour wool sweatshirts that have a giant cut, opened in the back with a silver polymer blend inside, screaming a space odyssey attitude. The finishing is immaculate, with most of the pieces showing lining, and when not, they are completed with bias tape or double-sided fabrics.

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